Kreator / Live Kreation
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Artist:Kreator   Added:Aug 2003
Label:Spv Gmbh  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2003-08-28
Classic & fierce speed metal from Germany. They "peaked" in the 80's put still have alot of "bite" to their sound. Even the (sort of) mellow/mid-tempo songs from their not so great albums of the mid-late 90’s come across solid. This is recorded from shows in Pusan, South Korea Sao Paolo, Brasil; Lyon, France; Greece & Germany.
There are no hints at “live in the studio” and more "authentic-ness" attached. The only real drawback is the jumping around of where the songs are recorded. They’re in Lyon then Greece then back in Lyon (!?) otherwise it fucking great!
ld have the intro (from the tail end of #3) put at the beginning of this tune but regardless, Mille’s screaming intro is killer! And they DO NOT LET UP in the ‘aggression'!

(((5))) From one of their best 90’s albums “Coma Of Souls”. A tune about the whole "nazi legacy" question in Germany. For the umpeeth time: (some) metal bands can write thought-provoking lyrics & totally kick ass! Sonically, mid-tempo, steady riffing
((((6)))) Another anti-racism/"we’re all here for better or worse" theme with simply CRUSHING riffing, ripping thrash & some great melodic breakdowns & solos.
(((((7))))) Crowd goes nuts, more killer riffing, PUNISHING mid-tempo thrash tune - heavy on the low E & B strings, about paranoia with some old-Voi Vod like descending guitar scales.
((((((8)))))) “Breaking the...what???" Er...”Pleasure to... KILLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!” and they do just that! ‘Nuff said!
(((9))) Mid-tempo, chuggin’, straight-ahead & riff heavy but still pretty good.
(((10)))) Slow but very riffy tune, something to do with (ye olde John Milton-created) devil’s quote of “Better to reign in hell, than to serve in heaven." Still has that very 80’s feeling.
(((11))) Even though they’re gonna ‘slow it down a little’ - listen to how Mille barks out the title. Very brutal! Mellow, winding tune with Mille doing straight-ahead singing (and he’s good at that, too) & a sort of psychedelic/etheral thing.
(((12))) Title track of their excellent 1989 album, nabs a riff from Overkill’s “Hammerhead” & has a hint of Slayer in the soloing but it’s still very much Kreator. Overall, this 'un just rips it up - total teutonic thrash mayhem!
((((13)))) Slow marching riffing & spoken intro - is this the German version of “The Toxic Waltz” - well not quite that silly but still straight-ahead & very heavy on the mighty riff scale. Killer melodic parts to boot, + a hardcore-like chorus kicks in.

(((1))) Falsetto voice intro, lots of steady riffs, interesting lyrics about depression, et. al.
(((2))) Mille counts off in German (“ein--zwie...” ) to this old number (1990). Rythmic speed metal flavor that many bands attempted, most of whom got it wrong. Here’s a prime example of how to do it right!
(((((3)))) Straight-up galloping riffin’ speed metal of the now era!
(((4))) Mid-tempo march, some really good riffing & soloing, too. Later gets very speedy.
(((5))) Really fast, raging classic Germanic speed metal. Simple & to the point, almost ‘crossover’ sounding in places.
((6))) FCC the intro the next song “the whole FUCKING world”. Mid-tempo track about leaving the general shitty-ness of this world.
(((((7))))) Classic, ultra-fast Kreator. This song demonstrates why the German bands were WAY better at this stuff than say, Testament or Vio-lence....btw, this song came out the SAME year as Slayer's "Reign in Blood".
(((8))) Mid-tempo "chug-chug" then after a minute complex, fast riffing (very Germanic phrashing: “was it a wision...?” ),gallop riffs, some other varied tempos.
((9)) From their ‘99 not-so-good “Endorama”, some rock/gothic-like tendencies not bad but not too remarkable either.
((((((10)))))) (FCC: “Fuck Off” in the intro). VERY, VERY METAL! A big-ass German crowd (which Mille addresses “im Deustch” at about 100 mph) then launches off into one of the BEST speed metal songs EVER!
((((((11)))))) Fuckin Aye! One of the OTHER greatest speed metal songs in existence. All of the insane ‘typical’ mid-80’s thrash (1984-86 era) elements are here. Worship it now!

Track Listing
1. The Patriarch   12. Terrible Certainty
2. Violent Revolution   13. Riot of Violence
3. Reconquering the Throne   14. Lost Coma of Souls
4. Extreme Aggression   15. Second Awakening
5. People of the Lie   16. Terrorzone
6. All of the Same Blood   17. Betrayer
7. Phobia   18. Leave this World Behind
8. Pleasure to Kill   19. Under the Guillotine
9. Renewal   20. Awakening the Gods
10. Servant in Heaven-King in He   21. Golden Age
11. Black Sunrise   22. Flag of Hate
  23. Tormentor