Various Artists / Livin' La Vida Loca!
Album: Livin' La Vida Loca!   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2003
Label:Soulforce Records  

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5. Oct 05, 2003: Between The Nine Belts of Rust
3. Oct 16, 2003: The Human Condition
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Rat Bastard

Album Review
Michael Howes
Reviewed 2003-09-02
OvertHHHrow were a side project of Spanish hardcore band HHH. They recorded an album dedicated to late 80s crossover hardcore and it never came out. This is that album. It’s dedicated to the metal that influenced hardcore and wonderful crossover bands like DRI, GBH, and Suicidal Tendencies. Fast power chord hardcore but with touches of metal.
WHN? Are the bay areas own thrash revival band and this was recorded ON KZSU(!!). Lots of anthems and songs to sing along with. Former or current members of Spazz, All You Can Eat, Capitalist Casualties, Your Mother and many other great bay area bands.
*2. Honestly this reminds me of old Celtic Frost. Fast, dark and nasty vocals.
3. Great hardcore guitar solo to end the song.
*4. Starts slower and then rips. Gang call and response vocals during the chorus and a mosh part.
5. Odd vocals and I guess it because he’s trying to sing.
6. Great DRI-like guitar. More singing.
7. Fast. Go!
*8. Imagine if Slayer did a short hardcore song.
9. Nice slow beginning and great mosh part in the middle.
10. Similar to track 9 but a bit of the old NYC hardcore sound.
11. Another fast one with strange backing vocals.
*12. Slower and darker before the song, surprise surprise, goes really fast. A little bit of goofing around with what sounds like singing with water in his mouth at one point. A solo, gang backing vocals, and extended goofing around ending. Classic.
13. Ok their drunk. In Spanish and I can’t remember song they are covering. Everybody raise your glasses high.
14. Pummeling and fast.
*16. A classic thrash track at this point. Great breakdown and mosh part. Solo, start stop, rat bastard. Fuck yea.
*17. Theme song and anthem.
18. Lurch forward quickly, stop, and lurch again. Short.
19. Nice buildup.
20 Unity song with great catchy sing along. Short.
21. Go! Short. Can you believe that have such a nice buildup in such a short song?
*22. Another classic. Great guitar with multiple breakdowns and mosh parts.
*24. Revolutionary anthem with great vocals. Solo! Start stop! Mosh!
*25. Fast with unique breakdown and stop start parts.
26. Vocals you can understand most of the time and super fast guitar. Great breakdown with a spoken shoutout to 3rd world hardcore kids. It sounds like they played hollow victory twice??
27. Like the title says, about your friends and the pit.
Fucking great!

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Overthhhrow Intro
2. Overthhhrow Lifework
3. Overthhhrow Drowned in Blood
4. Overthhhrow Play It Again Sam
5. Overthhhrow Politics
6. Overthhhrow More Fire
7. Overthhhrow State Controlled
8. Overthhhrow Wins of Death
9. Overthhhrow Death Forces
10. Overthhhrow Indocrination
11. Overthhhrow Weekend Colombia
12. Overthhhrow Help Me, Save Me
13. Overthhhrow Trobarem a
14. Overthhhrow Perversity
15. Overthhhrow Message to the Pigs
16. What Happens Next? Rat Bastard
17. What Happens Next? W.H.N.?
18. What Happens Next? Invisible, Impenetrable, Ign
19. What Happens Next? Museifu Shugi Banzai
20. What Happens Next? One and All
21. What Happens Next? Uma Me
22. What Happens Next? Red Lights, Tin Roofs
23. What Happens Next? Aki Rami Naizo
24. What Happens Next? Banner Sized Politics
25. What Happens Next? Charmuda
26. What Happens Next? Salamat Kai Bigan
27. What Happens Next? Hollow Victory
28. What Happens Next? My Friends and the Pit