Various Artists / My Malady Noise Compil
Album: My Malady Noise Compil   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 2003
Label:Mental Monkey Records  

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Starvation Disease
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Paisley Fingers Toppling Ino
5. Mar 03, 2004: Brownian Motion
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Bovine Spongiform Enciphalop
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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2004-02-04
Super cool collection of mostly weird, noisy collage type sample art. Pretty amazing actually, sort of a “masterpiece” as far as contemporary noise collections go. Artists range from The Bran Flakes, Eddie the Rat, to Deerhoof, Iran, and Evolution Control Committee. Overwhelming noisey drone-art but a lot of electro noise rockers in here too. All tracks very “radio friendly” in length. What a great mix (don’t just go for the “big names”, try the “nobodies” too).

1) FCC
2) Bran Flakes, spooky intro to upbeat electro with STD refs abounding
3) beautiful low-mid
overdrive drone turns harsh power electronics
4) spastic noise feel, almost percussive, yet hauntingly beautiful
5) mid-slow mindful beat turns upbeat electro noise
6) slow creaking, creepy samples
7) harsh noise
8) locals Eddie the Rat: more chill feel, collage, layers and layers, mechanical feel
9) bizzarro noise, old school lo-fi feel, sex samples
10) nice harsh electrodrone w/ toy piano
11) ECC, silly cheesy rock feel w/ annoying voice samples
12) silly casio jazz feel, turns spooky, quiet
13) slow flange on looping chill noise, good length
14) very quiet windy noise
15) harsh vocalized noise, music to a mothers ears
16) layers of voice samples with heavy drone, creepy
17) collage of weird samples
18) random “melodies” with mix of harsh noise and drones
19) harsher “power electronics” feel w/ random 1 sec. Bluegrass, reggae, old record samples
20) slow flange looping noise
21) noisy rock piece for you trendy types, think no new wave angular clash- a no-name band “if I had a hi-fi” backwards
22) truly experimental sparse noise
23) quiet noise w/ bursts, blends really nicely into next
24) looping old school industrial meets art school composition, great
25) rather pretty, w/ super cool twangy guit a la Tipsy
26) Deerhoof- cool rock
27) great weird layered noise, like dying of suffocation
28) good noisey noise
29) nice grumbling w/ good pitches
30) really cool pitched changed layers of vocs w/ actual rhythm, hey kids- a “song”!
31-32) excellent deep electro noise
33) slow-mid noise rock jam, feedback w/ some drums, understated vocs, hip for hipsters but I’d suggest track 25 instead

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Bomb 20 Bipolar Depression/Cancer
2. Bran Flakes, the Gonorrhea
3. Burmese Trichotillomania
4. Change! Paisley Fingers Toppling Ino
5. Xszi Scoliosis
6. Zipperspy Epilepsy
7. Morceaux De Machines Flubru
8. Eddie the Rat Involvulus-Ritual
9. 8=====D Priapism
10. Prion Bovine Spongiform Enciphalop
11. Evolution Control Committe, th Costello Kids in the Hood
12. 7000 Dying Rats Alzheimers
13. Berkowitz Lake & Dahmer Gangrene
14. Cussycat Hypochondria
15. Travis Bickle's Mohawk Vaginal Yeast Infection
16. Karlheinz Starvation Disease
17. Books on Tape Hemophelia
18. Phroq Arthritis
19. Spin Laden Bad Bug
20. Giant Robot Solutions Group John Cage Never Had Gout
21. Ifihadahifi You're no Pirate
22. Kazumoto Endo Hernia
23. Jazzkammer Anencephaly
24. Brutum Fulmen Rickets
25. Mixel Pixel Hoof in Mouth
26. Deerhoof Weak in the Knees
27. Box Patrol Beat of Anal (Fistule)
28. Can't Schizophonia
29. Illusion of Safety Ascariasis
30. Aprosody Yes, I Had Gallstones
31. Persona Tinnitus
32. V/Vm Gingivitis
33. Iran A Little Girl in a Car