Bunnydrums / Pkd/Simulacra
Album: Pkd/Simulacra   Collection:General
Artist:Bunnydrums   Added:Sep 2003
Label:Metropolis Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2003-11-12
A goth-wavey Philly band, Bunnydrums plied dark lyrics and ominous chords in their 80s heyday. They were the East Coast’s Tuxedomoon and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. It’s a dubious claim on the marketing sticker that they were godfathers of electro-clash … and yet … if you take Adult. as the e-c archetype and recognize all of the bits of Tuxedomoon and RLYL in their music then yeah, Bunnydrums is in there as well. Their blasé-yet-affected vocals and melodic-yet-sharp guitars also are a close relative of Zounds, the great anarchist band that was overshadowed by Crass. In fact, the more I listen to this, the more (good) influences I notice – Magazine, Liquid Liquid, Birthday Party … Tracks 1-10 are from their first and the remainder are a compilation so check the different ambiance on the two halves of the album. The imitation of the first half gives way to a more distinct self-identity but it’s all good, baby.

1. Holiday In Cambodia bassline, flatulent trombone, elastic guitar – ultra-Zounds-influenced
2. The track’s called “Magazine” and damned if Bunnydrums don’t do a prime impression of one of Magazine’s dyspeptic pop tunes (though the lyrics use “magazine” in the paper sense, not the band sense)
3. Churning groove, just-barely-noisy instrumental
4. Anxious yelping vocals
5. Heavy drums and queasy synth – Influence of early Killing Joke apparent
6. The sax, funky bassline and drum break, and simple lyrics are reminiscent of Liquid Liquid
7. Deep, warm bass with shards of guitar – influenced by The Cure’s “A Forest”
8. Slow-mo trudge
9. Muscular faux-funk
10. Aggressive guitar abuse
11. Slow ballad
12. Guitar abuse
13. The hooky instro groove that The Cure were so good at
14. Cool bass hook
15. Catchy simple gothy tune over a solid bassline
16. Almost delicate piano figure in the midst of a lumbering funk beat
17. Bad-mood bluesy instrumental
18. Back in time to Bunnydrums’ first single – blippy synth-wave
19. B-side of first single with signature sound-to-be of groovy bass, vox with attitude, and choppy guitar

Track Listing
1. Smithson   10. On the Surface
2. Magazine   11. Closed Eyes
3. Crawl   12. Strain
4. Shiver   13. Ybb
5. Sleeping   14. Frozen Hands
6. Ugh   15. Holy Moly
7. Stop   16. Deep in the Heart
8. Too Much Time   17. Switchblade
9. Up   18. Win
  19. Little Room