U-Ziq / Bilious Paths
Album: Bilious Paths   Collection:General
Artist:U-Ziq   Added:Sep 2003
Label:Planet Mu Records Ltd.  

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Add Date: 2003-10-19 Pull Date: 2003-12-21 Charts: Electronic, Classical/Experimental
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Recent Airplay
1. Dec 16, 2003: Civil Society
Mouse Bums
4. Nov 23, 2003: Oh Messy Life
Siege of Antioch
2. Dec 12, 2003: Lost In Space (Lost In Speis)
Johnny Mastricht
5. Nov 11, 2003: The Digital/Analog War
Johnny Mastricht
3. Dec 09, 2003: The Digital/Analog War
Grape Nut Beats (PT.2)
6. Oct 30, 2003: Brownian Epiphany
Johnny Mastricht

Album Review
Reviewed 2003-10-14
The work of u-Ziq can be characterized as a hyper-spastic mix/mash of random-seeming bits of homemade rhythms, synth washes, and the occasional vocal sample. In other words, aural anime. No seizures have been reported but severe whiplash may result from trying to follow the twists of this music too closely.

1. Swinging groove
2. Rapid-fire alternation between bits of several seemingly unrelated rhythm tracks gives way eventually to sort of cheesy synth swipes
3. Melodic swirls of synth disorient with their pitch shifting … all the while, breakneck breakbeats mash it up in the background
4. Faux majesty of a grand riff … almost obliterated by a high-pitched whine overlaid on the whole thing
5. Funky bassline, cut-up drum tracks, and choppy vocal bits darting in and out
6. Grumpy, nasty, pounding drum ‘n’ bass with MC-style vox
7. Obtuse melody floating around
8. Welcome to Short Attention Span Music, where every second brings you what sounds like a new song
9. Despite sharing a title with the preceding shred-fest, this track is almost single-minded in its one true groove, though there’s plenty to distract you from that groove
10. Buzzy but melodic bassline wedded to a shimmery (almost squelching) lead; a laid back counterpoint to the hyperactivity of the rest of the album; excellent
11. Ambient bit
12. The only (near) “normal” song here, a mid-tempo instrumental ballad at that

Track Listing
1. Johnny Mastricht   7. Aec Merlin
2. Meinheld   8. Grape Nut Beats (PT.1)
3. Siege of Antioch   9. Grape Nut Beats (PT.2)
4. Octelcogopod   10. Mouse Bums
5. On/Off   11. Fall of Antioch
6. Silk Ties   12. My Mengegus