Bradbury / Ruffini Corpuscle
Album: Ruffini Corpuscle   Collection:General
Artist:Bradbury   Added:Sep 2003
Label:Dual Plover  

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Big Man on Campus
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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-01-27
Collages of electronics, child-like melodies and found sounds. A mix between the plunderphonics of People Like Us and heavy noisy electronics. As a member of Australia’s Severed Heads, Garry Bradbury has been making electronic music since the late 70’s. He must have been the member who gave the group it’s creepy eerie experimental side. Original, beautiful and eerie stuff. I love every track on here. Highly Recommended.

1)<starts slow> Bells and churps.
(((2))) crunching sounds, child-like piano melody and a kid sweetly saying, “love”.
3) A repetitive flute melody and a piano being played all over the place w/o repeats on top.
(((4))) Crunchy. Intriguing. Evolving keyboard melody, samples.
(((5))) So eerie. Grinding sounds, deep beat, crackling vocal samples. “They’re coming today. They’ve got a wheelbarrow in that van.”. excellent.
((6)) Dramatic, beautiful, slow. Vocals and electronics.
7) Light and fun melody with all kinds of sounds.
((8)) Light carefree melody with crunching noise.
((9)) Song plus bells play in alternating channels. Avoid headphones.
((10)) Cute sounds bouncing around and crunching sounds get layered in.
11) Slow, chirping, beats, tribal. Evolves into beeps and crunches.
((12)) Soaring sounds invade dramatically and off key a bit. Turns into a buzzing organ. Nice.
13) **FCC’s (lots of fucks)** noisey crunches with good almost dancey beats with breaks of vocal snippets. “I need welfare. My family deserves welfare”
14) Slow, atmospheric, synth-based, eerie, nice.

Track Listing
1. Paws   8. Boulevard of Broken Arms
2. Big Man on Campus   9. Sinistrogyric Mobius Disc
3. Never the Less   10. Fabio Goose
4. Speaker   11. The Nectar of Instruction
5. The Van   12. Distant Elk
6. Feet of Clay   13. Filmore Honey
7. Chubfuddeling   14. Leightonfield