Trivium / Ember to Inferno
Album: Ember to Inferno   Collection:General
Artist:Trivium   Added:Oct 2003

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Album Review
Orges Beqiri
Reviewed 2003-10-20
Trivium – Ember to Inferno (LifeForce Records)
Metal that gets far too close to emo for comfort. Also has some very nice hardcore influences, and the music as a whole is very reminiscent of NWOSDM. The vocals, though, kill it for me. The songs invariably go between straight out metalcore (growled, barely decipherable vocals) to emocore (shitty, out of key, emotionless, clean vocals). It’s really a shame because the music is so undeniably metal. Think The Black Dahlia Murder, Shadows Fall, and In Flames, but with the vocals of any one of thousands of shitty emo bands. Sucks the joy and energy right out of it. I can’t get over this. I also get the feeling that this a god-loving, god-fearing bunch....
Recommended Tracks:
2) Very metal, even includes a pretty good solo, and the clean vocal thing is kept at a minimum.
5) Excellent breakdowns and some thrash-tastic riffing, especially starting towards the middle of the song, and again, the clean vocals are kept at a minimum, and only towards the beginning of the song.
6) Eeeeeeeeek! This song starts out so fucking good, and then enters the chorus, and it’s this kick-ass breakdown, and that’s when the clean vocals come in and make it only very good instead of godly. Excellent solo, too.
7-8) Track seven is an instrumental and it’s very metal as far as acoustic instrumentals go (think Iced Earth), and it segues kinda nicely into track 8, which starts out really awesome, and it get better as it goes along. It has almost an epic feel to it, with long breakdowns and solos and everything. The clean vocals are still annoying as hell, but tolerable, and they only come out in the choruses.
10) Another cool song with some neat spiraling riffs in the beginning and some crazy patterns throughout the song. Nice bass lines, too, and the whole thing just kicks ass... except for the clean vocals. Awesome solo, too, damn near progressive.
11) Just like before, a great song is reduced to a good song by the unfitting emo vocals. I really hate emo vocals and if these guys could lose them they could have the potential to make a genre-defining album. Sick breakdown, too.
This is add-worthy, but just for the music.

Track Listing
1. Inception, the Bleeding Skie   7. Ashes
2. Pillars of Serpents   8. To Burn the Eye
3. If I Could Collapse the Mass   9. Falling to Grey
4. Fugue (A Revelation)   10. My Hatred
5. Requiem   11. When All Light Dies
6. Ember to Inferno   12. A View of Burning Empires