Various Artists / Gang of Seven, Radio Edits
Album: Gang of Seven, Radio Edits   Collection:Spoken Word
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 1994
Label:Gang of Seven  

Recent Airplay
1. Jun 27, 2008: Dreamtime, or Burrito
Meeting Roslyn Carter, Mike Beck & Jr. High School, Televanggelists & Obsenity, Life in Romania, California Earthquakes
4. Aug 16, 2005: Storytime!
Nobody Walks in L.A.
2. Mar 20, 2007: Storytime!
Televanggelists & Obsenity, Onions, Life in Romania, The Environment
5. Nov 02, 2004: Storytime!--Free For all
The Environment, Life in Romania
3. Aug 10, 2006: Storytime!
Onions, The Environment, Life in Romania
6. Oct 02, 2004: music that doesn't hurt dogs and ponies
My Mother's Eating Habits

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Spalding Gray Nobody Walks in L.A.
2. Spalding Gray California Earthquakes
3. Spalding Gray L.A. Agents
4. Spalding Gray Therapy
5. Andrei Codrescu The Environment
6. Andreei Codrescu Life in Romania
7. Andrei Codrescu Onions
8. Andrei Codrescu Televanggelists & Obsenity
9. Tom Bodett Romance
10. Tom Bodett Philosophy Class
11. Tom Bodett Redneck's Dilema
12. Rick Reynolds God
13. Rick Reynolds Fame
14. Rick Reynolds Teen Jesus
15. Rick Reynolds Abortion
16. Rick Reynolds Life & Happiness
17. Lynda Barry Mike Beck & Jr. High School
18. Lynda Barry Mike Beck in Sscience Class
19. Marion Winik Breaking Up
20. Marion Winik Compatibility of the Sexes
21. Nora Dunn Ashley's Early Days in the T
22. Nora Dunn Ashley's Love of the Stage
23. Nora Dunn Ashley's View of the Painful
24. Hugh Brown Shu A Bad Party
25. Hugh Brown Shu Ordering Pizza
26. Hugh Brown Shu The Sensitive Artist
27. Barry Morrow Sleeping Habits
28. Barry Morrow Winning the National Award
29. Barry Morrow Meeting Roslyn Carter
30. Bailey White My Mother's Eating Habits