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Album: Ye Olde Barn   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Nov 2003
Label:Addict Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2003-12-09
YE OLDE BARN: This is a damn HARD (not bad) CD! Who’d know Milwaukee would have BARN RAVES? Very good music for when you’re angry, drunk or for playing on radio! The songs are in the following styles: Gabber-Hardcore, Breakcore and Noise. Very fast.

1) SpokenWord-Echo. Made SPOOKY. FCC: “Lameass”, “badass”.
2) Fast Broken Piano breakbeat. DepressiveL FUCK@-002Sex@1:10
3) messed up (schizzo) real fast breakcore. Not enough bass! Good -1:00 “Dirty ass”@-0:15.
4 famous dude real HARSH SAMPLES not coherent enough. BUT many BLEEPS+anti-father lyrics. Windows™ Warning @-407,-016. FCC:Whoreman,’fuckin’
5)country song gets massacred slightly.Factory-grade drums.NICE END.
6) Kidspeak - then death-metal (not techno!). Yeah! Double-bass-drums’n’Roses. (concealed “motherfuckin’”.) Nice bass-guitar end.
7) REAL GOOD “SLAYER” massacre-remix. Gabber.! VERY FAST. Nostalgic! Short rapsample-“Fuckoff”@-121.
8)Snares, Bassdrum, screams! FCC: “pussyhairs”, “white cock”,”peeing”,”balls” (whoa). Good “you’ve got mail” sample, then sings about B.E.E.R. (not inventive) 9) short distorted polka
10) spooky broken DnB. Well made, BUT--Not much bass.
11) slow distorted singing start + FAST DnB. GETS GOOD@ -313. breakcore.
12) weehaw, Funky breakcore.Hiphop undertune.
13) glitches,EM interference, real electro-noise, near S&M.
14) good beat, fast song, dark gabber
15)VERY dark breakcore. Slower. Good. 16) buzzing broken-up okay song. Fun ragga – breakcore ending . // Dando C 1203

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Progressive P The Ballad of the Barn
2. Emotional Joystick I'm not Elton John and Dan
3. Curtis Chip Boatshow
4. Otto Von Schirach Milk a Cow and Dozy Doe
5. Stunt Rock May I Please Have the Years
6. Meat Meat Theme
7. Skimall I Want to Get a Tatoo of a
8. Venetian Snares Doormouse Megamix
9. Blotto Von Crack Rock Milwaukee Polka
10. Abelcain Nox Hymnos
11. Doormouse Whiskey Soak
12. Baseck & Minion Chicken's Head
13. Pressboard Barnefit
14. Dauros The Mind of Evil
15. Hecate Ripe Mango
16. Fanny Milwaukee Skank