Commodore 64 / K-Minus Initiative
Album: K-Minus Initiative   Collection:General
Artist:Commodore 64   Added:Dec 2003

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Health Maintenance Organizat

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-03-02
This model of C64 = New York, white, “now-era” hesher-hip-hoppers with a thing for Taco Bell aesthetics & matching Todd i” trackjackets and even more 80's aesethics. Their MCing is pretty similar to the Beasties “License To Ill”.

((1)) Intro featuring a robot who sounds like “Tweaky” from the Buck Rogers show mixed with some live album sound loops. Pretty amusing.
((2)) (FCC’s “FUCK”,1:07)
Really slow bass, “Triumph - T.C.I.D.” sample (about Poop, of course) , refs. to: Toni Basil, other 80’s junk. (FCC’s “fuck”,1:07)
(((3))) Pretty good sound with loud beats, crazy movie soundtrack loop, but too much about “sissy MCs” (like the way death metallers bark about gore n’ guts).
(((4))) “Shock The Monkey” sample, then a radio interview about “intellectual property”/sampling. Pretty nice.
((5)) Just scratchin’ & laughin’
((6)) FCC’s “Motherfuckers” 0:16; “shit”) Scratching, laughing and that’s it.
Funky & groovy (like the O’Jays “Money”) L.A. Raiders, cherry now n’ laters, Dick Van Patten, Tip O’ Neil, etc. 2:32 - it gets into a bunch of math nerd stuff.
((7)) (1:08 FCCs “shit”) “Wrath of Khan” sample, nice funky beats & bass, refs to: Alan Thicke, various cars, Doogie Houser , some fucking “Diff’erent Strokes” episode I thought was permanetly erased from my memory.
((((8)))) Oh christ! 7th grade ! “Sample of the 1982-era computer commerical of their namesake.
(10) TOO MANY FCCs Avoid!
(((((11))))) Samples/tweaks the Reagans making a pro-drug message underscored with a Joy Division-like bass like - HELL YES!!! RR: “...Nancy & I are strung out on heroin!!!”; Nancy: “Drugs help us to create hope & confidence”. Play this before we all go to Guantanamo!
((12)) TOOO many FCCs for airplay!)
(13) Sad to say but WAY TOO MANY FCC’s! Listen to this OFF-AIR only! This could have a racist rhyme in it too, “girl MCs ain’t hard/they just stupid-ass Jews with no fuckin’ clues” but then it could be “juice”? Otherwise, some silly stuff with that “Tweaky” robot voice MCing backed by loops of Apple Macintosh sound fx (“jeep”, etc)
(14) AVOID! “We don’t Jew our songs on CD-ROM!” Oy vey! Are they “gangta Jewish kids” or they just anti-Jewish fuckheads? Either way, fuck this - racist shit! OK, maybe they are jewish and/or trying to ‘reclaim’ the word but sorry - it don’t work that way - it’s still sounds LAME!
(15) Short outra with backwards loops, some jingling sounds, shout outs to the make-believe junior high they’re “rockin’”

Track Listing
1. Pep Assembly   8. Even Do Music!
2. K-Minus   9. It's Time for Food
3. Sissy Mcs   10. Fruit Salad
4. Health Maintenance Organizat   11. Dutch
5. Proof of the Riemann Mapping   12. Putney Swipe
6. Horton Hears a Ho   13. Straight Outta Compusa
7. Animal Crackers   14. Foam
  15. Poop Assembly