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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-03-02

Here’s some fantastic local, instrumental prog-rock (not “math-rock”, dorkface!) who have a strong & quite obvious King Crimson influence - ex: the album cover being a nod to the cover of KC’s “Red” LP, the overall heavy rhytmic strucutres and so forth.
However, there’s many other aspects to this “Fripper-rific” trio. In fact, (at the risk of sounding like a press release) their website lists influences such as: Yes, Genesis, Gong, Hawkind, Yes & Zappa. Listen to this on Sunday nights after 9pm for full effect.
(((((1))))) Sounds heavy on the “Crimson meets ‘74-era Genesis” tip and that’s a very good thing. Thudding, rythmic guitars, spacey synths, jazzy drumming = a perfect formula.
((((2)))) Sounds like this could’ve been from Crimson’s “Starless & Bible Black”. Sad string sections (or are these synths emulated said string sections?). Suddenly comes flowing through with some killer, basic piano/keyboard scales (‘ala Genesis’ Anthony Banks) and some beautiful jazzy guitar action.
((((3)))) You know that you’re hearing ‘true-prog’ when they divide the song into three or more parts! 70’s style “space-rock/jazz fusion” which later brings up the wild guitar wailings/riffing up front. It’s something like Tomita crossed Gong & Brand X.
((((4)))) A huge nod to the title track of Crimson’s “Red”, in fact this sounds like a cover of it (mixed with Floyd’s “Interstellar Overdrive”, I s’pose). Either way, the winner is - you, the listener!
((((5)))) A huge Hawkwind -laden intro. AKA: Some much echoey guitar & space synth you’ll be looking for the Michael Moorcock references. Ok, I’ll simplify (for the non-prog savvy): Hawkwind + Crimson = this.
(((6))) Sounds closer to mid-to-late 80’s jazz fusion. A time when, granted a lot of that sucked but this is more like the better end of it. EX: John Scofield, Jeff Berlin, etc. Excellent drumming, some flute, random guitar notes.
((7)) Minimal, jazzy fusion, kind of OK but sounds more like just a jam that the band is in on that we’re not really supposed to know about.
(((8))) Up-tempo & very jazzy drumming (but with awesome extreme-metal & hardcore like cymbal crashes!) and killer guitars. Oddly enough this could’ve been part of a soundtrack for some 80’s cop movie.
Track 9 is 7 seconds of blank space
(((10)) The opening of this track sounds like ‘73-’75 era Genesis then it later gets into a slightly funky, repetitive jazz-fusion structure circa: oh, say...1977 then the synths sound like they’re from about 1982 (which is a good thing, since 1982 was probably this worst ever prog/fusion year).
(((((11))))( Starts a little slow (in the first few seconds) then sounds like an odd mix of Scandinavian “melancholy metal” (Shape of Despair, Katatonia, Tristiania) mixed with Durutti Column & Crimson. All of which makes for a FUCKING AWESOME mix!

Track Listing
1. Overture - Fractional   6. Particle Wave
2. Coda - Reflexion   7. I Get a Nice Quiet Sleep
3. Prominence   8. Ii a Piece for Our Time
4. Turgidus Maximus   9. Iii for the Second Time in O
5. RAVE7   10. Fractal Countdown
  11. Continuum