Kubat, Audra / Million Year Old Sand
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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-05-31
Gentle, quietly emotional acoustic folk rock with some trippy undertones from this Detroit singer/multi-instrumentalist. Kubat's 2nd LP. It's Joni Mitchell in 1969 with a peek forward to Beth Orton's late '90s trip-folk, plus quotes of Nick Drake, Tim Hardin, and Joan Armatrading. On first listen, Kubat struck me as an unsympathetic Joni Mitchell clone. There's more to her than that. To me the songs and her voice fall short of compelling, but it is pretty. I don't like much here but I do like 5, 8.

1. 38 second solo acoustic guitar intro that blends into next track.
2. Medium tempo. Acoustic guitar plus a bit of percussion and keys. Semi dark lyrically and musically... "Sometimes you even think about giving in."
3. Hopeful, bouncy acoustic guitar. Nice textural and rhythmic contrast between verse and chorus.
4. Rolling, dance-able acoustic folk. Pretty harmony vocals. "Georgia, she's complicated. She's laughing when she's sad, cries when she's having a good time."
=> 5. Very quiet and slow with jazzy chording -- a female Tim Hardin or Nick Drake.
6. Starts with bell, then guitar. Minor key, poignant acoustic folk ballad. Very traditional folk song structure. Slows down at end.
7. Slow, minimal acoustic guitar and voice. Song has some weird distortion at 1:18.
=> 8. Medium tempo, arpeggio guitar with less stylized vocals -- Ahhh... less Joni like. Leads into full band including clarinet and even drum machine. "And today is just the same. All the colors haven't changed. When will tomorrow come again?" Ends quietly.
9. Medium tempo. Processed, wailing violins; castanettes; organ; more. Angst-filled vox. I think she was shooting for '70s band, Traffic. "It's just half-past three, and it's just me. I'm just trying to survive day to day."
10. Finger-picked guitar & vox. Reminds me a bit of Badly Drawn Boy. "I just want to get close to someone like you."
11. Slow, lilting, Joni-esque. Just guitar and voice. Very personal, diary-like lyrics. "'Cause the days go by so quickly, and I feel I've just begun to understand what love is, and what life is."
12. Happy, arpeggio guitar, happy soaring vocals. Totally '60s -- like Joni and even like Donovan. Sounds very much like a final album track on a '60s LP. "I've never felt so free as today, right here, right now, my love."
13. Slow with impressionistic lyrics. "The colors run together, the water meets the shore... so runaway through the Michigan hills...." A multi-part song that goes through a lot of evolution.
14. Slow fade-in drone. Raga-space-folk? Echo-y vocals. Very unlike the rest of the album. Ends abruptly.

Track Listing
1. Intro   8. Tomorrow Never Comes
2. Light of Hope   9. Role
3. Golden Sea   10. Someone Like You
4. Georgia   11. Life Has Just Begun
5. Lonely Child   12. My Love
6. In the Morning   13. Superior Sunsets
7. She Falls   14. Outro