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Album Review
Elias (Dr Furious)
Reviewed 2004-01-18
Legendary Minutemen guitar fiend D. Boon died in 1985 in a fatal car accident when he and his girfriend fell asleep at the wheel while driving home from a concert. This is a release of obscure low-fi recordings (ca. 194-85) mostly in-home and live jam sessions but also 7 live tracks (#26-32) from a Minutemen gig at UCLA. Besides being a daily obsession, D. Boon's trebly guitar (treble-10, midrange-0, bass-0) was a canvas for stylistic explorations including the colors of free jazz, funk, folk and blues. This CD offers a pretty good glimpse of D. Boon's genius. At a purely academic level, this will help you comprehend Minutemen's quantum leap from "The Punch Line" (their first punk release) to "Double Nickels on the Dime" (a critically acclaimed all-time classic, and Minutemen's response to Husker Du's "Zen Arcade"). And hence the evolution from punk power-chords to flamenco, polka and jazz is evident. Here D. Boon's guitar sound is as if the improvisational free-jazz experimentations of John Cipollina (Quicksilver Messenger Service; a 60s Frisco psych band) and Bryan Maclean (the Love) were fused to the proto-/post-punk guitar antics of Tom Verlain (Television). Add in the mix a little of Jimi Hendrix blues/funk fluidity, and there you have it. Genius work; fun to listen!
For nice tunes with beautiful vox, play: 32, 25, 18, 22, 23.
For menacing ambient noisy post-punk synth chunes: 33, 14 (11->12->13).
For darker Minutemen punk: 29
1. Funk grooves, free-jazz psych picking, post-punk angular noisy solos. Female voice arguing/fighting in the background.
2. Bluesy with synth keys.
3. Angular free-jazzy jam.
4. 30 sec - spacy
5. 75 sec - sparse, soft
7. Acoustic jam with spanish influences
8. Psychedelic;; sparse; free-jazzy
9. 20 s; Doesn't go anywhere
10. Live jam; heavy sound
11. 40 s; beautiful synth
12, 13: Spooky dissonant noisy sparse keys
14. See 12/13 but with psych vox; interupted by a phone call.
15. 1 min - jazzy
16. Neurotic and dissonant
17. Jimi Hendrix meets post-punk
18. Woody Guthrie's classic
19. Noisy and neurotic
20. Noisy synth
21. Nice bluesy strut with vox
22, 23: Nice catchy bouncy punk with nice vox
24. Folky; sentimental
25. Wow... impressive! Blue grass meets southern europe. Passionate. Think Will Oldham.
26. Noisy
27. Acidic funk/blues grooves.
28. Angular and jazzy
29. Good ole edgy punk - mid tempo
30. Another awesome punk number (FCC: 2X shit; you can probably get away with it).
31. Twangy guitar work; groovy
33. Sparse menacing psych track. Great!

Track Listing
1. Everyone Was there   17. Hammerdown I
2. Fifth Gear   18. This Land Is Your Land
3. Deadline   19. Hammerdown Ii
4. The Waiting Stage   20. Our New Industrial Direction
5. Indecision   21. That's All there Is
6. Theme From Empty Box   22. My Part
7. The Long Road Home   23. Don't Look Now
8. Take You there   24. Plight
9. Freedom Forever   25. Corona
10. Jam #6   26. But First...
11. Binky's Round Up   27. I Felt Like a Gringo
12. Too Much Fun   28. God Bows to Math
13. All Over the Place   29. Themselves
14. The Viking Song   30. Self-Referenced
15. Just Around the Corner   31. #1 Hit Song
16. As Long As   32. History Lesson - Part Ii
  33. Many As One