Various Artists / Amos House Coll Vol 3
Album: Amos House Coll Vol 3   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Dec 2003
Label:Wishing Tree  

Recent Airplay
1. Apr 29, 2006: Biff Bang Pow
Sleepy California
3. Dec 01, 2004: Dross
Sleepy California
2. Apr 15, 2006: Biff Bang Pow
Ventilator Blues
4. Nov 24, 2004: Dross
Find Your Own Fire

Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2004-11-05
Mostly mid-slow excellent indie rock (some pop, some folky) leaning towards the acoustic.

Disc 1
+1.Fem singer/songwriter mid-fast ¾ time guitars minor key repetition
+2.Folk-rock, not my favorite genre but this is fast & non-obnoxious. Guy, rhythm guitar with percussion low in mix
3.kinda bland
+4.nice solo guy singing, overdubbed guitar mostly high notes. Minor key sadness. Sounds hip.
+5.indie-pop downer, dying family, but sounds more upbeat than that
6.sad lounge pop, male duo, piano, vibraphone
7.synth, friendly off-key male singer, pretty good ending
+8.70’s rock guitar intro, decent southern-sounding dirt
+9.pop/rock mid-fast a couple guys singing, fuzz guitars

Disc 2
+1.Heavy carnival beat, toy bells, sliding female vocals, disorienting
2.male singer songwriter, acoustic guitar and some organ/backward guitar, annoying vocal. About New Orleans?
+3.decent alt rock- mid-tempo, harmonized male singing, fuzz guitar
+4.timpani bass drum, a little warble on the guitar, guy singing, minor key jarring
5.sweetly off-key singing, sounds like his voice is gonna crack. Song too affectedly maudlin for my tastes though, strings…
+6.nice electric piano and clear singing. Mid-slow and a little sad
7.OK acoustic guitar & guy singing, elliot smith style but not nearly as catchy
8.nice little instrumental intro, inchoate vocals digital drone & violin, very quiet piano, good goth
10.guy singing, mid-slow, ¾ time but doesn’t feel waltzy.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Sparks, Emily Find Your Own Fire
2. Spoon Jonathan Fisk
3. Davies, Richard Kal
4. Hindle, James William I Am What I Am
5. Her Space Holiday Sleepy California
6. Aluminum Group, the Little Boy
7. Wheat Long Shadow Usa
8. Califone Ventilator Blues
9. Elf Power Evil Eye
10. Super Furry Animals Foxy Music
11. Circulatory System Deserts
12. Good Life, the Haunted Homecoming
13. 'mericans, the Hey, Driver
14. Skating Club Miss Usa
15. Wilco Let Me Come Home
16. Smith, Matt Lay Down in the Leaves
17. Prewitt, Archer No More
18. Clairvoyants Andha
19. Ray, Azure Lucky Sevens
20. Hayden Towards Me