Various Artists / Free Zone Appelby 2002
Album: Free Zone Appelby 2002   Collection:Jazz
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 2004
Label:Psi Records  

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1. Mar 05, 2004: Memory Select
3. Jan 30, 2004: Memory Select
Subject Matters
2. Feb 13, 2004: Memory Select
Ferber String Quartet [excerpt]

Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2004-01-22
Free-form improvisations, with random groupings from solos to an octet. Music is in the European improv vein, meaning there's an attempt to create form without traditional chords or rhythm. Tracks tend toward longish investigations, 10 to 20 minutes.

Most sessions follow a fast-slow-fast pattern, getting into some gritty agressive territory (easier to play on the radio). Only a few lapse into long near-silences, which is a common trick in this genre.

1- 13 second gong statement
2- Solo on violin and sarangi, plus off-key vocal. Screechy yet strangely tuneful (esp. when she uses violin, circa -11:00 to -8:00). Like a dissonant ghostliness.
3*- Fluttering mid-to-fast speed duet of sax and clarinet
4*- Flowing, burbly trio. Jolly avant-classical sound. Quiet patch -9:50 to about -2:00 that gets near-silent, but the first or last few minutes would make a good excerpt
5- Active improv, more piping and perky than #4. Kinda pauses around -6:20, shifts into quiet and high-screechy territory
6*- Fairly vicious, slashing string quartet. Becomes a calmer kind of chaos after a few minutes. STOPS -11:40 for a quiet breather, then returns to big loud sounds.


7- Solo bass. Starts with long bowed buzzing, into a variety of noisy territories. Lotta blank-space silences.
8*- Flute/violin duet. Sparse, fast, squeaky
9- Fast, off-kilter, dissonant trio. Starts as a fast burble, gets louder
10- Fast violin/cello duo w/obligatory quiet middle
11- Relatively slow. Quartet with floaty cello, hyper flute, colorful percussion
12*- Octet. Opens busy but careful. Builds to louder-faster activity, getting nicely messy. Lots of flutes, also high notes on violin/cello, for a high-pitched shrillness. Ends calmly.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Parker, Evan Gong
2. Hallett, Sylvia Whitethroat
3. Parker, Evan/John Rangecroft Re Eden
4. Edwards/Rangecroft/Sanders Subject Matters
5. Hallett/Mattos/Metcalfe/Rangec Dunsany
6. Edwards/Hallett/Mattos/Wachsma Ferber String Quartet
7. Edwards, John Pin Drop
8. Metcalfe, Neil/Philipp Wachsma Sense
9. Edwards/Hallett/Sanders Phantoms
10. Hallett, Sylvia/Marcio Mattos Pica Pica
11. Hallett/Mattos/Metcalfe/Sander MGT4ALL
12. Edwards/Hallett/Mattos/Metcalf Morsman Octet