Okmoniks / Keepin' Up with the Okmoniks
Album: Keepin' Up with the Okmoniks   Collection:General
Artist:Okmoniks   Added:Jan 2004
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Album Review
Elias (Dr Furious)
Reviewed 2004-01-24
The Okmoniks are the Deans of the 1960s Garage Rock University. In this time and age, this is as seminal and vintage as it will ever sound. Holly Golightly's blissful vintage 60s-sound production (Toerag Studios and all) is one thing, but the Okmoniks' raw low-fi sound is just like hearing your favorite tracks off those classic Garage-Punk Unknown and Nugget compilations. The Okmoniks possess the BEST-SOUNDING ORGAN and the MOST DIONYSIAN GIRL LEADING VOCALS you've ever heard in a garage-rock band. No exaggeration! Here you will find influences ranging from Bo Diddley to the Who, and a definite R’N’B undercurrent which rings the seminal blues-based approach of the Rolling Stones and the Animals. But the Okmoniks are much more than that. Think of the infectious organ sounds of Electrelane, the overall garage pop catchiness of the Rondelles and the menacing rawness of the Husbands. And that guitar fuzz-box will inevitably take you back to 60s fuzz anthems such as the Standells classic "Dirty Water". In my best Al Pacino imitation: "Wooo-AH". This is a true GARAGE ROCK GEM. It doesn't belong anywhere else but in the Top 10 of KZSU's airplay. C’mn, do the monkey dance with me NOW!!!
PLAY: 5, 9, 1, 2, 3, 4.
1. Electrelane-ish organ sounds and neurotic/edgy vocals.
2. Chuck Berry-ish intro… Menacing organ sounds and vocals. Grrrl edge;
3. “I need someone to give it to me straight; I don’t need another boy to make my heart break”. Riotous heartache grrrl song. Cute AND ROCKS!!!
4. Epic 60s vintage sounding track. Serious and dark. Oh….YEAAAH.
5. Loopy organ lines ring… Electrelane!
6. Wow… can you hear the WHO… in this bridge? Bouncy fuzzed up guitars; organ nails to the beat.
7. Serious and sinister… marching tempo and riotous chorus.
8. Riotous grrrl garage rock number. The Rondelles, only much harsher.
9. Fuck YEAH… FUZZZZZZZZZZZZ central! The Standells… only with orgasmic organ and bass lines.
10. These days you can’t be a respectable garage band without the Bo Diddley influence. This could easily be a Husbands number. Get a load of the line: “I’m gonna be your Queen Bee”.
11. This reminds me of the Stones version of Willie Dixon’s classic “I just wanna make love to you”… only done by the Husbands.

Track Listing
1. You Got It (And I Need It to   6. Whatcha Gonna Do
2. Won't Let Me Be   7. Somethin' New (About You)
3. Don't Wanna See You (No Mor)   8. Ain't Comin' in
4. Cry a Little Longer   9. She's a Tease
5. Change for the Worse   10. Buzz with Me
  11. Buy My Love