World Burns to Death / No Dawn Comes...Night Without
Album: No Dawn Comes...Night Without   Collection:General 7"
Artist:World Burns to Death   Added:Jan 2004
Label:Hardcore Holocaust  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-04-30

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - “No Dawn Comes...Night Without End” 7” (Hardcore Holocaust)
Four songs of punishing hardcore dealing with the Holocaust/World War II. Purely raw, ultra-aggressive & ripping SEVERE hardcore/punk! A total buildozer that drags together influences like G.B.H. (in the vocals mostly), Venom, Motorhead, Skitsystem and Discharge (who are certainly a ubquitous influence these days but W.B.T.D. is no mere ‘dis-clone’). All four tracks will NOT let you down not even for one SECOND!

Krematorium I/Side I
((((1)))) Totally ripping, charging hardcore but very, very catchy!
((((2)))) Midtempo, 1-2-3-4-5-6 pace (yes, I was counting) hardcore/punk & bit of raw metal mixed together. Somewhere around Discharge jamming with Celtic Frost. Fuck YESSSS!!!

Krematorium/Side II
((((1)))) The unholy trinity of (old) G.B.H., Skitsystem & Venom playing at 1000 dbs of power and at 500 miles per hour! Simple, to the point & crushing all at once!
((((2)))) More guitars a ‘wailing ‘ala “Fast” Eddie Clarke of Motorhead & Mantas of Venom. Then it becomes Discharge crossed with Skitsystem & Born Dead Icons mixed with total 1980’s raw-hardcore meets dirty metal. Bow down & build an altar now!

Track Listing
1. No Ones Is Right, If no One   3. Curse Them Forever
2. Silent Hunger   4. Night Without End