Diabolic / Infinity Through Purification
Album: Infinity Through Purification   Collection:General
Artist:Diabolic   Added:Feb 2004
Label:Olympic Recordings  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-03-27
Diabolic – Infinity Through Purification (Olympic Recordings)
Death metal. Way technical, complex, intricate, and almost progressive. Also, very brutal and totally insane, it reminds me a lot of recent Monstrosity and even some stuff like Psycroptic or Decrepit Birth (although not nearly as brutal) or Macabre, or even Decapitated (some sections are so trance-like in their repetitiveness). All in all, this is a pretty good slab of American non-melodic death metal sticking pretty closely to a tried-and-true formula. The guitar playing is what really does it for me. These guys play “differently”. It’s a strange, unorthodox style, taking lots of influences from a variety of sources, and ultimately coming off as just a bit too much. That’s why I really like it. A fun listen, and some of the songs are truly exhilarating.
1) Starts out with some old-school guitar lead work over a thick, dense groove, and then just blasts out of control. Goes through quite some changes, too.
2) Starts out really complex, with a riff that really isn’t a riff, but more like a 30-note progression (very Swedish), complete chaos. I can’t even figure out what to make of it. It stays pretty much very complex and so over-your-head, you’ll feel like a blonde girl.
3) Pretty nice and thrashy, can’t think of the band it reminds me of right now, but it’s there in my head somewhere. The solo is really very cool, has that old-school Exodus feel to it.
4) Starts doomy, but picks up pretty quickly and is a monster thrasher. The riff is once again of the “too-many-damn-notes” variety, but the bass is amazing. This is a pretty long song and it has this huge chanted/sample midsection with pounding drums and power chords, killer!
5) Best. Song. Title. Ever. And it fits the feel of the song so perfectly. Another one of those starter riffs that, like in that movie “Amadeus”, just has too many notes. The solos are veritable workouts. I broke a sweat just listening to them. There’s this little riff at the halfway mark, it’s one of those “what-the-fuck-was-that?” experiences.
6) Short (by comparison) ripper with an amazing breakdown in the beginning. Rare thing in metal, to find the breakdown in the beginning of a song. Even rarer to have that followed by two-and-a-half minutes of three guys drumming (‘cos that’s what it sounds like) and a singer who’s lost his mind and guitarists who have just too many damn ideas and wanna just fit them somewhere, anywhere, please, here, take them. One of the best songs of the year, no doubt.
7) Slow doom start, then basic thrasher, then slow doom, then another six minutes of slow doom interspersed with equal doses of black, pure death, thrash, and “other” metal. Sounds like a joke, but seriously, this works like none other.
8) Thrash! Krieg! What the deuce? Where did this come from? Super-neat salute to the old-skool, this song is pretty much a nod to all that was great about the Florida death scene and the Bay Area thrash scene back in the day. Simply lovely!

Track Listing
1. From the Astral Plane...Entw   5. Procession of the Soul Grind
2. Spiritual Transition   6. Exsanguinated Life
3. Stanic Barbarism   7. Descending Through Prortals
4. Internal Mental Cannibalism   8. Enter the Maelstrom