God Forbid / Gone Forever
Album: Gone Forever   Collection:General
Artist:God Forbid   Added:Feb 2004
Label:Century Media  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-03-04
God Forbid – Gone Forever (Century Media)
Holy mother of all that is unholy! Riff after riff after head-splitting riff of pure modern thrash-core. Quite possibly one of the strongest metal albums of all time, this thing is relentless. I heard someone saying that all other metal albums of 2004 are gonna suck because this one has all the riffs for one year in it. Pretty damn close to the truth, I’d say. Unbelievable. How did this happen? Who cares! This is awesome! For the uninitiated: growled/screamed vocals with some very sparse clean vocal passages (a first for this band – let me sidestep for one second. Clean vocals, when tried for the first time, are usually the death knell for a band, but they work so well here, it’s impossible to find any flaw with them), thrash-tastic guitar, a shotgun-tight (and just as lethal) rhythm section, and song-writing that goes beyond pure wizardry. Add to that a ton of ripping solos, some epic tunes, and breakdowns that make me wanna seriously fuck shit up. This is so fucking good!
1) It starts out with a snare roll and then launches into the fiercest of breakdown patterns I’ve ever heard. Amazing song, just amazing.
2) Another one that kicks ass, more solos, and ends with cool gang shouted vocals.
3) Check out that intro! So metal! \m/ Kick ass! \m/ Some more clean vocals, and they work fine.
4) The clean vocals really work on this one, and the solo fucking kills! Nice use of keys, too, and watch your head when that last-minute breakdown comes in, some kung-fu dancer is gonna hit you.
5) The hits keep on coming, and this song doesn’t let up. Once again, the clean vocals are pretty damn prominent, but they’re not distracting, and they fit so well.
6) More traditional thrash, and oh, man, this slays. Love the little guitar fills in-between riffs, very old-school.
7) Oh, man, I don’t wanna be anywhere near the pit when this song starts, that breakdown is lethal. Wait, on second thought, yeah I do. Fuck shit up! And the clean vocals are actually emotional, effective, and good. Take note, shitty emo-core bands. This is how it’s done.
8) More better stuff. Sweet.
9) Oh yeah, piano intro, then epic guitars, then pure motherfucking classic melodic thrash with sweet dashes of hardcore. This rocks!
Bottom Line: Play this, or I will find you, play it in your presence, and lose control.

Track Listing
1. Force-Fed   5. Washed-Out World
2. Antihero   6. Living Nightmare
3. Better Days   7. Soul Engraved
4. Precious Lie   8. Gone Forever
  9. Judge the Blood