Rapider than Horsepower / This Is My Big Night
Album: This Is My Big Night   Collection:General
Artist:Rapider than Horsepower   Added:Feb 2004
Label:Secretly Canadian  

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Recent Airplay
1. May 28, 2005: big fill in
The Baddest I Ever Did See
4. Nov 30, 2004: All This - And Mor!
Especially If It Helps You
2. May 19, 2005: Megatron Marathon
Ain't Never, Never
5. Nov 24, 2004: press and release
Especially If It Helps You
3. Dec 14, 2004: Lick My Moody Guitar Show
Cookie Cone Crossfire
6. Nov 23, 2004: Lick My Moody Guitar Show
Ain't Never, Never

Album Review
Reviewed 2004-10-12
Demented, busy, lyric-heavy, bouncy & angular rock explorations. Part two of a live series (“Stage Fright, Stage Fright” was in our rotation a couple of months ago.) Mathematical precision interleaved with shambolic insanity. Absurdity layered with sincerity. Mostly mid-tempo. Male vocals with some female backing. Two guitars, drums, and voice. No bass. A bit of violin. Voice a bit like a manic Gary Numan, Jello Biafra, or David Thomas (Pere Ubu) here and there. Reminiscent of Royal Trux and early Pere Ubu in its dada-pop feel. Mid-tempo unless noted. FCCs: 5. Start with 5, 8, 11.

1. Starts with yelling, then spoken vocals and angular instrumentation. “How can I survive this day without my beatbox?” Ends with several secs of cheering.
2. A bit of angular guitar and then rapid lyrics & off-kilter melody. Nice interplay between guitar and vocals.
3. Some drum machine, unrelated to the rest of the track, and then another insistent, wacko pop song. Sardonic, nonsense lyrics about teenage romance.
4. Mid-slow. Semi-spooky, semi-absurd. 39 seconds long. Works as an intro to the following song.
==> 5. FCC: “Motherfucker,” “fucking.” Very dynamic, multi-part song. An epic at just over 2 mins (suggestion: use track 4 as an intro to this track). Ends with applause and cheering.
6. Mid-slow ballad. The theme song for the two-album series. Dreamy in a creepy Pere Ubu/Twin Peaks sort of way.
7. Starts with drums. Rather creepy tale of an insane murderer. Very quiet in parts. “I put your body in the park and now and I can’t find you.” Ends with cheers.
==> 8. Mid-fast, spoken/half-sung vocals. Song takes some time to get going and then rocks (dementedly). Mentions “radio.” Final 20 seconds is noise/noodling.
9. Starts with some off-mic talking. Manic, dynamic, almost with a metal aesthetic in parts. But mostly super angular and odd. “That’s right. I was on that TV show.” Ends with a bit of strangeness, as if another song is going to start.
10. Sleepy vocals and quiet instrumentation. Short. Ending includes fake beginning of another song.
==> 11. Sparse and quiet. Chugs along as though it’s going to fall apart at any second. Nice violin.

Track Listing
1. I Can't Survive Without My   6. Stage Fright, Stage Fright
2. Especially If It Helps You   7. Leprechauns, Our Peaceful Le
3. Cookie Cone Crossfire   8. The Baddest I Ever Did See
4. Yeah, Right   9. Yr Money Maker's Just not Th
5. Dude Poverty   10. Reprise
  11. Ain't Never, Never