Exodus / Tempo of the Damned
Album: Tempo of the Damned   Collection:General
Artist:Exodus   Added:Mar 2004
Label:Nuclear Blast  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-04-13
The Bay Area’s first thrash metal band (going back to when Metallica was hatin’ life in L.A. & opening for dorks like Motley Crue) and despite all of the pre-release hype it is safe to say that this is their best studio album since 1986’s“Pleasures Of The Flesh”. (Since they’ll never outdo “Bonded By Blood”).
Luckily enough, they didn’t make it too modern sounding (i.e. chuga-chuga parts & other such nonesense). Although, there’s a few duds here & there. It’s also cool to see that Exodus is still around & making some potent & classic sounding thrash. Zetro’s vocals always worked well. Zetro’s vocals are a mix of Bon Scott & Overkill’s Bobby Blitz. Plus their political tunes (“Star Spangled Banner”, “War Is My Shepard”) rightfully crushes the current stream of so-called “patriotic metal” tunes. The spirit of Paul Baloff slays onward!
(((((1))))) Wailing guitars and super-thuddin’ & moshable mid-tempo , thrash (with a bit of modern-style here &* there) FCC: 1:04 “Motherfucker”;
Enough anti-nationalistic fevor to choke Ted Nugent types with the fucking flag they wrap themselves in! “See the flag, get a body bag!”
FCC: “fuckin ‘see” 0:47, 4:03-4:04 “Motherfucker”;
(((((2))))) Christ on a fuckin’ pogo stick! Is Zetro ever vicious sounding on this! Totally appropriate considering it’s year after Bush & co.’s “wargasm” in Iraq. “Modern classic” is not an oxymoron here. The riffing on this is ( almost) as brutal as “Pirannah”! FCC’s:”motherfuckin’” 0:55
(((((3))))) This tune EASILY could’ve been released in 1985-88. VERY 80’s & VERY catchy, ASS-KICKIN’ mid-tempo headbangin’ METAL! (With a bit of AC/DC, too) This is Exodus’ “Seek & Destroy”.
((((4))) Anti-religious tune written with more of a punk/hardcore way (i.e. spiteful & nihilistic but not the usual ‘fuck your god, worship satan’ route). A more modern, mid-tempo with crazy vocals (serious high-register action ‘ala Dan Beehler from Exciter) & AWESOME NWOBHM/Maiden style solo! FCCs: 0:48, 3:48 “crucifucked”
“world of shit” 1:03-1:04, 1:50, 4:04, 4:16. 3:45 “fucking masquerade”
(((((5)))) 1987-era über-thrash with simple, charging riffing, it’s all about ‘takin’ a chance & haulin’ ass’. Some modern flairs in a few of the breakdowns & some cool mid-late 80’s style solos. At over 7 minutes, it goes on a little too long but overall it’s worth it. FCCs: “Motherfucker” 1:43, 1:50,
3:07, 3:14,
((6)) Early 90’s-style riffing going into a mid-tempo chuga-chuga mosh/march. A bit like another “Ex-” metal band that is, Exhorder (aka: the band Pantera is very, very verrrry indebted to). FCC’s: “dogshit” 0:51.
(((7))) Also rather modern sounding with a real groove going on. This could’ve been on one of their later (i.e. weaker) 80’s or 90’s album. Interesting subject matter about a woman who takes revenge upon her abusive husband. FCC’s 1:14, 2:02, 3:16-3:17 “bullshit”
(8) More 90’s style riffing & structure a bit too close to Pantera & Machine Head to comfort.
(((((9))))) The first time this one’s ever been official released (minuis the live album from ‘97 “Another Lesson In VIolence” with Baloff) This one goes back to at least 1983, around when they put out their first demo.. So don’t be suprised If the guitar parts sound at all Kirk Hammett (i.e. A huge NWOBHM influence upon he & the rest of the originally Bay Area Thrash scene).
((((10))))) Chunky, downtempo intro then full-on THRASH ATTACK! If you don’t headbang to this one - your name must be James Q. Poser !
Time to scrawl that Exodus logo on your demin jacket, dood!

Track Listing
1. Star Spangled Banner   6. Calling Herd
2. War Is My Sheppard   7. Seeled with a Fist
3. Blacklist   8. Throwing Down
4. Shroud of Heine   9. Impaler
5. Forward March   10. Tempo of the Damned