Smith, Patti / Trampin'
Album: Trampin'   Collection:General
Artist:Smith, Patti   Added:May 2004

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Album Review
the id
Reviewed 2004-07-06
Mostly country, sometimes country/rock, sometimes even
psychedelic. The music was fairly good but the vocals were just
OK and the lyrics rarely made any kind of sense. I think
the band ought to dump her for someone with more talent
that doesn’t feel the need to put her name on the cover.

Ken H
1. Guitar with some distortion, lead guitar with some echo
some spoken word, good country rock
2. Guitar reminds me somewhat of “Eyes without
a face” by Billy Idol, mellow ballad though
3. Simple twangy, mildy distorted guitar, somewhat
quirky synthesizer, I was hoping it would pick up
at some point but never did
4. Dreamy guitar sound, slow, melancholy, too long
5. Something about Ghandi, and some mention of King
not sure what the point of this song is, candy, blossoms
children of God, blablabla…..loud, repetitive and
way too long
6. gentle strumming guitar accompanies vocal
7. simple beat, minimal strumming guitar,
8. guitar strums with each syllable, some electric piano
slow, mellow, somewhat melancholy
9. brushes on drums, soft and peaceful, dual rhythm guitars
fades into the next song
10. existential spoken word intro with guitar and drums
softly in the distance, transitions into a cool guitar riff,
nice transitions with some nice drum work,
she rambles on too long making little sense,
11. piano/vocal, soft, repetitive

Track Listing
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3. Stride of the Mind   8. Cash
4. Cartwheels   9. Peaceable Kingdom
5. Gandhi   10. Radio Baghdad
  11. Trampin'