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Album: Advantage, The   Collection:General
Artist:Advantage, The   Added:Jun 2004

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-10-17
All 26 of these tunes are covers over video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System (which is post-Atari 2600 but pre-XBox). I can’t compare this to the originals as the last “modern” thing I play was a mid-90’s version of Castle Wolfenstein.
Anyway, this is members of 2 bands, Generic and Hella. There’s some goofy yet fun all instrumental sounds often bordering (possibly unintentionally) on jazz fusion or prog-rock but that’s a very good thing here. File next to Avikko, Fucking Champs, Trans Am.
(((1))) Loose, funky, jazzy.
(((2))) Nice bass work and some guitar tuned to what sounds like a sharp note or two.
((((3)))) More proggy. I didn’t know there was a video game for “The Goonies” much less a sequel of one. Weird.
((((4)))) Even if this wasn’t from a video game , it might as well have been. Country, twangy chicken plucking with a “kids show” or circus clown march (or mosh?) vibe to it.
((((5)))) Similar tempo #4 but a bit fast.
((((6)))) Some crazy mix of prog and classic metal bits. Somewhere around Iron Maiden, Rush re-configured by some nerds in engineering school.
(((7))) Trippy video-game like dub action
(((8))) A bit like #6 but more like some thing that you’d hear from the Fucking Champs when their not killing you with their mighty riff power.
(((9))) Twangy, off-kilter, kind heavy 70’s jazz-fusion like.
(((10))) Noodly, twangy and very silly and fun sounds.
((((11)))) Awesome prog-attack with repetitive sections that really do sound like video game bits, even if they weren’t a “cover” of a game soundtrack.
(((12))) Rolling, bass & guitar repetition. Sounds like the middle of some 1973-era Yes.
((((13)))) Uptempo and big on the low end. Simple jam that sounds a bit metal laced with prog ‘ala The Fucking Champs.
(((14))) Strummy, slowly builds up & down. Sounds like bits from an unused Slint song.
(((15))) Funky jazz-fusion flavored
((((16))) Western twangy laden with a almost modern film noir feeling.
((((17)))) Noodly with some nice random riffs throw into the main structure. Some cool soloing to boot.
(((18))) Slowish, sneaky 1-2-3 series of notes sounding kind of jazzy but with a bit beat.
((((19)))) If this isn’t part of a metal song yet I’d be suprised. A lot of this sounds like a less dramatic Iron Maiden mixed with some jazz fusion.
(((20))) Wow! Only 4 seconds.
(((21))) Expands on the previous theme with a fusion & reggae style weird but enjoyable.
((((22)))) Video game surf music? Yeah that’s it!
((((23)))) Killer bass work here, lots of varations and nice series of tempos, chords.
(((24))) Slowish with a “going through a maze” feeling
(((((25))))) Metal/prog burrowing through caverns of unknown depths and dimensions. Excellent!
(((26))) Mellowish, jazzy action then gets louder and sounds a LOT like a Fucking Champs number but ends with annoying drone.

Track Listing
1. MEGAMAN2-FLASHMAN   14. Megaman 3
2. Double Dragon 2 - Stage 2   15. Double Dragon 2 (Story)
3. Goonies 2   16. Castlevania 3 - Epitaph
4. Bubble Bobble   17. Ninja Gaiden
5. Bubble Bobble - Shark Selecn   18. Mario 3
6. Wizards and Warriore - Intro   19. Blastermaster
7. Bomberman 2   20. Ghosts N' Goblins Intro
8. Bionic Commando - Pow Camp   21. Ghosts N' Goblins
9. Super Mario Bros 2 - Underwo   22. Castlevania -Stage 3
10. Super Mario Bros 2 - Verworl   23. Marble Madness
11. Contra - Snowfields   24. Metal Gear - Jungle
12. Zelda - Fortress   25. Contra Boss Music
13. Batman 2   26. Castlevanis 3 -Evergreen