Chaosbreed / Brutal
Album: Brutal   Collection:General
Artist:Chaosbreed   Added:Jun 2004
Label:Olympic Recordings  

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1. Dec 31, 2004: Hail To The Past, Move Towards The Future
Casket Ride
4. Aug 19, 2004: Les Chevaux De Frise
2. Sep 17, 2004: Bloodstains Across Atherton
An Evil Eye
5. Aug 12, 2004: Les Chevaux De Frise
Wretched Life
3. Sep 03, 2004: Bloodstains Across Atherton
Symptoms Fo the Flesh
6. Aug 04, 2004: Bloodstains Motioning Across The Brownian Remains Of Atherton
Symptoms Fo the Flesh

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-07-18
This is a Finnish death metal band influenced & sounding like Swedish death metal circa: 1989-92 (and Slayer). This band is made up of members from Moonsorrow, Gandalf, Amorphis and The Black League.
If you miss that classic Stockholm sound ex: Nihilst/Entombed, Dismember, Grave, early Unleashed (and some Slayer & Autopsy, too) then this is a no-brainer.

((((1)))) Suddenly it’s 1991 all over again! Totally ugly death metal ‘ala old Grave, Autopsy and early Entombed with some ‘spooky’ keyboards (2:09-2:39).
(((((2)))) Killer riffing! Simple & to the point & totally like Entombed circa “Clandestine”.
((3)) Suddenly they got really dorky and decided to a lame-ass rip-off of Slayer’s “South Of Heaven”. This would’ve been amusing this song has become the “Freebird” of the current era. Sounds like some lame-ass Roadrunner label band that’s dying to be on “Headbanger’s Ball”.
(((4))) Ah, what a relief! They make up for that last turd by making this at least decent & punishing enough to be worthy (FCCs: “fucking” 1:11; “motherfucker” 3:07; “fucking 3:23 <----but not too decipherable.
(((5))) Ouch! Feedback and then a doom/death vibe but then jumps up and reconfigures the main riff of Unleashed’s legendary “Across The Open Sea” but with a silly-ass chorus. Fun stuff nonetheless.
(((6)))) Oddly enough it’s not an evil, stinky black & white mammal but about snunk buds! (?) I’ve heard of Humbolt Skunk buds but these dudes are from Finland. Helsinki Skunk buds? Yep it’s an ode to the grim reefer as it starts with a bong sucking sound and a big ‘ol doom sound. It’s funny as hell but there’s WAY TOO MANY FCC’s!
((((7)))) O.T.T. death & crusty madness. Basic, raw
d-beat vs. death metal but the “not ready for the FCC” chorus makes it unplayable.
((((8)))) OK, their not only recycling Unleashed & Entombed riffs but their own riffs. This starts off the same riff as track #5. Basic & blunt but great playing all around. Creepy keyboards” (2:13-2:56). One of the lyrics sounds like “battery of death”.
((((9)))) Full-on bombastic death metal (sounding a tad like Black Metal in the beginning) with stupendously great, simple riffage ‘ala Centinex & old Entombed. I’m thinking the title has to do with the 4 chords repeated over & over.
((((10)))) Awesome doom/death. Somewhere around Hellhammer’s “Triumph of Death” meets more recent-era Entombed. (The lyrics are kinda generic but remember I did say this album is a no-brainer!)
P. S - "No brainer" effect aside, I REALLY wish they could've come up with something a little more original to called their album than "brutal". Maybe "Brutal Zombified Poodle" ?

Track Listing
1. Wretched Life   6. Demon Skunk
2. Casket Ride   7. Shitgrinder
3. Faces of Death   8. Symptoms Fo the Flesh
4. Moralized   9. F/C/D/C
5. Rotting Alive   10. An Evil Eye