Backstabbers Inc / Kamikaze Missions
Album: Kamikaze Missions   Collection:General
Artist:Backstabbers Inc   Added:Jun 2004
Label:Trash Art!  

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You Brought this on Yourself, Before
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5. Aug 04, 2004: Bloodstains Motioning Across The Brownian Remains Of Atherton
I Don't Care How Many Times
3. Aug 20, 2004: Bloodstains Across Atherton
If You Can See the End, It's

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-07-18
Some more O.T.T.hardcore/ultra-core from these New Hampshire nutters. Shit! This has to be the 3rd Backstabbers Inc. release I’ve seen this year and this, like the last one is a full length.
Anyway, these guys have played everywhere from the Duke University Coffee House (?!) to Burnt Ramen and most likely kicked ass. I just wished they’d say tear it up in the Bay Area again so I could witness them demolishing say, the Stanford Coffee House or something. Great songtitles to boot (proof that you can write funny titled songs with a lot of thought unlike those schmucks in A.C.). Oh yeah even Elijah Wood caught ‘em in New York. Fuckin’ Frodo is down with hardcore! Who would’ve thunk it?!
(((1))) Some chanting, possibly Arabic with this apocalyptic slowness ‘ala His Hero Is Gone, Tragedy.
((((2))))) Fuckin’ Massive! Hardcore/ultra-core assault. Incredible drumming & a tiny bit of subdued moments.
((((3)))) More traditional sounding East Coast meets PDX (aka: Portland) hardcore pummelling.
((((4)))) A fuck of a lot of rage and simply calculated with d-beats & straight-ahead riffs ‘ala From Ashes Rise.
((((5))))) Mid-tempo but still hella pissed! Somewhere between Neurosis and His Hero Is Gone. A lot passion & anger. Plus some fantastic riffage & a great ending.
((((6)))) Holy fuck! Blasting glory of ultra-core madness think Strong Intention by way of uh..I dunno some kind of weirdo black/death metal band who like to be real and not for the cover of Revolver. Later it gets into a typical but excellent rage of hardcore fury.
((((7)))) More fast & distorted (hence the title) action. Nuff said. (FCCs: 1:33 “fucking” 1:52; 2:05)
((((8)))) Fuckin’ Aye this is LOUD & HEAVY! Simple riffage & straight ahead but (crap!) way too many FCCs!
((((9))))) Slow, From Ashes Rise-like intro then a steady Neurosis “apocalyptic” vibe merges the slow/serene parts with the heavy/doomy riffage nicely.
(((10))) Thudding & ripping sort of an anagalm of stripped down Stockholm death metal (‘89-’92) mixed with His Hero Is Gone. Pretty solid but not quite the best tune on here.
((((11)))) Great title! Short bursts of rage followed by a crowd noise then longer bursts of OTT ultra-core rage (there’s a few FCCs but they’re not too audible but these are: 1:10; 1:19 & 1:40-1)
(((12))) Slowish strum into slow pounding ‘ala Hammerhead or Unsane on steroids (FCCs “fucking” 1:52) later it gets into a more crazy His Hero Is Gone boxing it out with Discharge vibe.
(((((13))))) Ouch! That intro has got to just KILL this dude’s vocals! Slow, bleak & crushing lots of stop & start sections.
(((((14))))) Lots of hard strumming, pick slides and garglin’ on glass vocals (‘cept this kid is sort of audible, this ain’t gore-metal for fuck’s sake!) & some twisted mix of Benümb, Tragedy & Discharge. Careful this one cuts off suddendly for no reason & that’s it. (?!)

Track Listing
1. Before   8. Ask, Answer
2. You Brought this on Yourself   9. If You Can See the End, It's
3. I Don't Care How Many Times   10. Even Slaves Will Be Swimming
4. We Attack at Duck   11. Burn Small Talk to the Fucki
5. ****   12. Voorhees, Krueger, Myers, a
6. Priests in Boys, Cardinals I   13. Like Virgin Vinyl....In Bed
7. Distortion, Please   14. Film Noir's Got Nothing on U