Mills, Witt / Dust Collection Agency
Album: Dust Collection Agency   Collection:General
Artist:Mills, Witt   Added:Jun 2004
Label:Old Gold  

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2004-10-27
Witt Mills "Dust Collection Agency" - A collection of various recordings done by Witt Mills. The collection was put together after his death in a kayaking accident (see liner notes for full story). This is all over the place. You'll hear lo-fi indie rock, acoustic stuff, tape loops, ambient fuzz noise, improvised sax noodlings, recorded conversations, and more. I believe that Witt did all the instruments on this 4-track recording. Plenty of cool stuff to choose from. It's not all easy listening, but it's all really interesting. Some is pretty and some is creepy and some is just straight up weird. Highly recommended.
My Picks: 1, 4, 9, 11
Katie P. 10/27/04

1) Fades in with acoustic guitar and tape noise. Slow midtempo with quiet vocals. Mellow and simple. Fades out with noise and then some really distorted speaking.
2) Looped lo-fi recording of someone laughing. Percussion fades in going along with the loop. Weird.
3) Speaking bit at a show with clapping. Very short.
4) Lo-fi recording of piano. Sounds like the tape recorder is really messed up giving it a warbling effect. Sad feeling. Vocals are totally distorted and almost impossible to understand.
5) Spacey sounds. Droning ambient stuff that is also really fuzzed out and dirty. Instrumental.
6) Acoustic guitar and some percussive hitting. Eventually falls into a song with drums and an uptempo fun feel. Vocals come in and later some saxophone.
7) Conversation between a couple people, then a break, and then "seeing the Go-devils." Very odd.
8) Noisy banging and guitar that is kind of all over the place. Eventually becomes a storm of fuzz. Instrumental.
9) Bouncy tune with trumpet, drums, guitar, and vocals. Kind of boppy and happy. Very lo-fi and sounds distinctively indie-rock but with a trumpet.
10) Electric guitar and off-tune vocals. Solid midtempo. Very minimal. Stops with a phone call.
11) Acoustic guitar and saxophone. Vocals come in but it sounds like he's singing into a cup. Trumpet is added too.
12) Good solid beat, then an abrupt change to a slower more fluid sound. Piano, vocals, and lots of noise.
13) Noises from a trumpet, drums, and more in the background. Lots of squeaks and banging of strings on a guitar. Crazy noise/improv piece. Pretty cool though. Instrumental.
14) Bright shimmery guitar. Slow midtempo. With about 9 minutes left it goes silent for about 15 seconds. Then a bunch of tape noise and distorted speaking. Creepy. Then sax noodlings. Then it sounds like he's talking through the sax. Sax squeaks. Fcc: says "fuck"
15) There is no track 15, "Drag of You" comes in at 8:45 of track 14.
16) There is no track 16, "Social Glue" I think comes in around 7:30 of track 14.

Track Listing
1. Lou   9. Season Passes
2. Laugh   10. I Don't Have a Reason
3. Too Kind   11. Crossed Out
4. Sad Piano   12. Pedestal Girl
5. Home Park Ambience Ii   13. Old Strings
6. I Cheated the Sun   14. G2
7. Go-Devils   15. Drag of You
8. Anxiety   16. Social Glue