Cuti Sadda / Pentagrams All Up in My Bling
Album: Pentagrams All Up in My Bling   Collection:General
Artist:Cuti Sadda   Added:Jun 2004
Label:Daly City Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-07-18
At least someone’s doing something original with that festering turd of concept called “bling-bling”.

This local nutter is continuing the grand tradition of the REAL hip-hop & heavy metal connection that was started back in ‘84 by Lone Rager. Like the viking/black metal hip-hoppers, Norse Law - Cuti Sadda is the real shit. This death-metal & boomin’ beats collision is even better than any other bizarre combo like say, ‘tussin-laden screw-mixes with a doom metal background. The world needs more Cuti Saddas to fuck shit up & go on a lyrical rage of decapitiation against all of the MTV whore rappers out there. It’s all about the wolf’s blood!

(((1))) Bouncy funk & big ‘ol handclap sounding beats with some loops of screams & a full-on death metal/darth vader on ‘tussin on the mic sound. Tho’ unfortunately way too many FCCs!
(((2))) A freaky loop of the “Psycho” theme and deeper death metal vocals almost like Godflesh! Slaughters 50 Cent & the whole G-Unit into like Swarming Mass Of Vulgar Endoparasites that they are. Although, once again way too many FCCs.
((((3)))) (FCCs: 0:57 & 1:57 “fuckin’”; 2:40 “shit”) Traditional heavy metal riffing into a few seconds of old Entombed or even Deicide. Then it’s more like Pato Banton jamming with Possessed! The drum machine goes batshit & the overall mix is too insane to believed.
((((4))))) W.T.F?!?!? Some twisted cantina 70’s prog-jazz with headbangin’ metal & bangin’ beats hip-hop! Imagine Henry Cow hanging out with Dismember and The Gravediggaz!
((((5)))) Crazy-ass Indian percussion punctated by a drum machine going totally apeshit. O.T.T. raga-cyber-Industrial-death-metal insanity If one of the tentacled sex monsters from the “Legend of The Overfiend” manga movies had a band it would sound like this.
Final analysis: THIS is the kind of stuff you WISH you could hear boomin’ out out of the jocks cars.

Track Listing
1. Pentagrams All Up in My ...   3. Dancehall of Death
2. Death Set Ganstaz What?!!   4. Poppin Them Thangz in 18/4
  5. Berimbau Beatdown!