Finntroll / Nattfodd
Album: Nattfodd   Collection:General
Artist:Finntroll   Added:Jul 2004
Label:Century Media  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2006-07-08
These Trolls never cease to amaze! You can count on these dudes er...trolls for some seriously awesome, weird and extremely fun metal music. Their style is predominately black metal with the guttural raspy vocals (in Swedish) with lots of oddball Finnish polka/humppa parts (“humppa” = Finnish polka). If you’re not headbanging or drinking (or BOTH!) to this then you don’t know you ain’t metal!
((((1)))) Vindfard/Manniskopesten = “Wind Journey/The Human Plague” Straight-ahead, driving, mid-tempo Trollish Black Metal but a strange humppa/almost ska tempo (if you can believe that), a little accordian + some nice bass tones. Very catchy overall.
(((((2))))) “Eilytres” (no translation given) Holy shit! Wacked out gypsy/klezker/humppa mosh tempo with death/black metal & bombastic washes of keyboards & an egg shaker or something else?
((((3)))) “Fisarens Fiende”/”The Fisherman’s Enemy” = Mid-tempo, punctuated with brilliant yet silly & massive sounding sythns. Lots of great breakdowns & even seagulls (?!) in the mix. Funny lyrics: “Row towards your shores, pillage your village/seagoblin shows no mercy”.
((((4)))) “Trollhammen”/”The Trollhammer” - Mouth harp/acoustic guitar. Bouncy tempo, catchy verses. Mixes up folk, metal & humppa & prog(!?) Nice
((((5)))) Mid-tempo “(Finn) troll army gathered for attack sound. Later (2:45) a nice acoustic break down with mouth harp, mellowish guitars and then builds back up to a nice march tempo.
(((((6))))) “Ursvamp”/The Ancient Mushroom” Headbanging humppa! A KILLER “blackened troll-folk-mosh” tempo with banjo & some other loony sounds.
((((((7))))))) “The Market Song” this sounds like something out of a twisted movie. Birds, chanting priests, church bells, horses and...a pissed off troll who puts the priests in their place.
(((((8)))))) “Det Iskalla Trollblod”/”The Ice Cold Trollblood” Suprisingly normal riffing and black metal vocals quickly moving to a bouncy ‘lil heavy-folk number Lots of “la-lada-lada-lada”
(((9))) “Grottans Barn”/“Children Of The Cave”. Trad. Scandinavian folk, mouth harp, accordian then melodic heavy metal. Pretty close to a black metal influenced version of “In Extremo”.
(((10))) An owl, yes an owl; acoustic guitars (sounding a bit like Ulver’s acoustic album “Kveldsvanger

Track Listing
1. Vindfard/Manniskopesten   6. Ursvamp
2. Eliytres   7. Marknadsvisan
3. Fiskarens Fiende   8. Det Iskalla Trollblod
4. Trollhammaren   9. Grottans Barn
5. Nattfodd   10. Routas Vaggvisa