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Various Artists / Buddyhead
Album:Buddyhead Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists Added:Aug 2004

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Mail Order Bride

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-10-17 
COLL: Buddyhead - Buddyhead (Buddyhead) This is a collection of songs by a lot of bands that are uh...”big with the kids” along with some usually lame prank calls to record labels. OK, I don’t get this - you’re making fun of the lameness of the music industry yet with this line up of bands (At The Drive In, Icarus Line, Burning Brides) you’re as big of as a whore as they are, dood! Plus these dickheads will almost NEVER stop sending you shitty info about their shitty e-zine filled with mostly shitty bands.
((1)) Kind OK spastic uh, loud indie rock? Some decent guitars but the vocals get too lame-oh/screamo. (FCC “fuck”)
((2)) Loud, disjointed, with some pretty good rififng & synths but the vocals again are bland & not very easy on the ear.
((((3)))) Psychedelic electronics, bass and the jagged tempos kinda like a Fugazi or Gang of Four. Solid post-punk for the now age!
(4) Pretty stupid prank call to Fat Records. Lots of FCCs. Avoid!
(((5))) Goofy, kinda bass heavy stuff & kind of repetitive but fun. “Penis & tongue” in this context should be OK for the FCC.
(6) Huh? Were these dorks a hardcore band once? Oh, I see now if they ape Janes Addiction-they’re get more “merch money”. Fuck this!
7) This prank call is pretty cool but it STILL has LOTS of FCCs. The “Torture Device” guy does an excellent Matt Pinfield (MTV) impression. Play only in cue.
((8)) Slow, “exotic” 60’s beat with keyboards and some vocal whining and more boredom. Was the original “good” enough to re-mix? I doubt it.
(((9))) Piano, poppy vocals kinda like a low-rent Joe Jackson. Not bad I guess. Squeeze meets Yes?
(10) Another prank call that goes on WAY TOO LONG and is chock full o’ FCCs. Avoid!
(11) Totally useless cover of “White Wedding” what’s the point?
(12) More NOT FOR AIRPLAY prankcalls.
(13) Seriously overhyped band - this is lame, bland grungey stuff that would’ve been lame in 92!
((14)) More NOT FOR AIRPLAY - prank calls - this one is funny tho’.

(((1))) Bass then uppity & loud rockin’ action. Sounds pretty fucked up & catchy.
((2)) Nice guitar parts, off-kilter feeling. Kinda OK
((3)) More prank calls. NOT READY FOR THE FCC! AVOID!
((4)) Decent rock/punk from the 70’s riff but the vocals are just too ridiculous! “Pixies-lite” !
(((5))) Techincal, kinda grind-like and pretty messy. Not too bad even though these guys have really fallen far down the quality ladder.
6) Silly ass Prank phone call to Karen O. of Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Kinda amusing but a few FCCs towards the end.
(((7))) Awesome queer-core but TOTALLY NOT AIRPLAYABLE!
((8)) 80’s noodling psychedelic synths. Not too bad kinda electro pop.
(9) Prank call to Gabe of The Locust. Kinda funny but again TOO MANY FCCS!
(10) Pointless re-mix of a pointless band.
(((11))) FCC “It’s fuckin’ live baby!” Right in the first 5 seconds. Slow, twisted Jesus Lizard like stuff. A lot better than their earlier track.
12) Another prank call which goeson TOO LONG & has TOO MANY FCCs!
((((13))) Minimal then jumps around to bursts of guitar and loud drums. Really cool if you’re patient with it.
((14)) The intro takes forever and then the song is just bland sort loud post-hardcore noodling
(15) Prank phone call against the atrocity that is Hoobastank. They were on Ozzfest? What’s this world comin’ too? Again, too much FCC UN-friendly stuff.
((16)) Speaking of FCC UN-friendly stuff...Avoid playing this one as it’s too dirty. It’s still a funny tune, though.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1.Icarus Line, theLove Is Happiness
2.Your Enemies FriendsThe One Condition
3.Radio VagoShudder
4.-Torture Device Vs Fat Record
6.Ink & DaggerCreatures Like Us
7.-Torture Device Vs the Stroke
8.Murder City DevilsPress Gang (Remix)
9.TextSound Is Compressed: Words R
10.-Torture Device Vs the Explos
11.Dillinger Escape Plan, theRebel Yell
12.-Torture Device Vs. Burning B
13.Burning BridgesStermine (Live)
14.-Torture Device Vs. Gideon Ya
15.Your Enemies FriendsBusiness French Kiss (Demo)
16.Souls He SaidRub the Sleep Out
17.-Torture Device Vs. Tenacious
18.Burning BridgesPlank of Fire
19.Dillinger Escape Plan, theWhen Good Dogs Do Bad Things
20.-Torture Device Vs. Yeah Yeah
21.Gayrilla BiscuitsBig Dick
22.Radio VagoMail Order Bride
23.-Torture Device Vs. the Locus
24.At the Drive-InRascuache (Remix)
25.Icarus Line, theYou Make Me Nervous (Live)
26.-Torture Device Vs. the Atari
27.TextWe Have Explosives! Schmexpl
28.Ink & DaggerShadowtalker/The History in
29.-Torture Device Vs. Hoobastin
30.ShatPremature Ejaculation