Rebuilthangartheory / With Hurricane Blows
Album: With Hurricane Blows   Collection:General
Artist:Rebuilthangartheory   Added:Aug 2004
Label:Plays-Rite Records  

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1. Nov 30, 2004: All This - And Mor!
Pendulum to Trust

Album Review
Reviewed 2004-10-25
Compilation of now-defunct indie rock band from Providence, Rod Island. Unreleased and home-recorded tracks from 1995-2001. Guitar, guitars, guitarsssss. Limited, simple male vox. Dinosaur Jr. referenced in notes, makes perfect sense, together with other east coast Indie, but some Cure inspiration as well.
Liked 3, 4, 5, 9, 13. FCC 4 (I think).

1. Cure-like bass/drum and Feelies' jangly guitars. Mid tempo.
2. Quick strumming, slows down midway, nice buildup.
3. * Simple bass, guitar, feedback and nice percussion. Unfinished? It's nice nonetheless.*
4. ** Hardly audible "fuck" FCC (I think). Long loud intro, near-spoken vox channeled through megaphone. Full sound, grungy guitars. **
5. ** Pop/folk, in an indie-rock kind of way. Thin. Nice! **
6. Clunky drums, simple guitar/bass. Urgent, loud bridge.
7. Instrumental. Mid/slow tempo, ringing guitars, dominant bass, post-rocky.
8. Distorted vox. Fast and loud and jangly.
9. * Duet with high-pitched vox. Mid/fast, grungy riffs and cymbal drums. *
10. Vox buried in this mid-tempo number.
11. Sketchy male and female vox, mid/fast tempo.
12. Mid/fast, vox alternate from strenuous to casual, some rhythm shifts as well.
13. * Mid tempo, repeated lyrics, slow buildup towards end.*
14. Instrumental, mid tempo, quite repetitive but nice.

Track Listing
1. The Joons of Mupiter   8. Fire Protect Water
2. Agharta   9. Rusted Magnet
3. Titus   10. The Amateur Historian
4. The Cast of the Kon-Tiki   11. Cornerstone
5. Pendulum to Trust   12. Globular Nebula
6. Wilhelm Reich   13. God Speed to the Burn
7. Tin Ships   14. Written in Rope