Starvin Hungry / Damnesty
Album: Damnesty   Collection:General
Artist:Starvin Hungry   Added:Aug 2004
Label:Grenadine Records  

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1. Dec 01, 2004: Dross
2. Nov 25, 2004: Fiction Romance - Thanksgiving Marathon

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-11-02
You’d think any band whose vocalist sounds lik: The Cult’s Ian Astubury, Inxs’ Michael Hutchense & a little bit of The Hives’ Pelle Almgren all mixed together wouldn’t have a chance in hell in working.
However, Starvin’ Hungry manages to bring in a strong 70’s hard rock influence along with some of the better elements of that 80’s dirty hard rock like Zodiac Mindwarp & The Godfathers + some contemporary “garage rock”. However, this isn’t too polished like that major label “garage rock”. It’s a pretty solid loud, swaggerin’ n’ rockin’ affair. Plus, they’re from Montréal which historically has never had a band like this.
((((1)))) Strumming that get quickly louder in the first 20 secs. Flying somewhere between bits & pieces of early 70’s Led Zep (without all of the horseshit of Robert Plant’s “oooh babby!” over & fucking over) and The Godfathers mixed up with “Electric”-era Cult. Really killer guitars & rather catchy stuff. (FCCs: Shit 0:02 & 0:46)
(((2))) Thudding tempo & straight up hard-rock with some nice guitar harmonics. Mix of 70’s & 80’s stadium rock and today’s garage rawk.
FCCs “the fuck the you want” (0:18) & “fuck” 1:25
(((3))) Straight & sharp guitar riffs ‘ala AC/DC then gets into a more Jon Spencer vibe. Big, dumb yet fun hard rock.
((4)) Thudding rhythmic rock with some off-kilter tempos. Well played but overall not really there.
((((5))) The riffin’ is somewhere between Michael Bruce (Alice Cooper Band) and Jon Spencer mixed up with a groovy ‘lil swagger.
((((6)))) Twangy, reverb soaked ballad. Really done well - especially after you’ve had a few drinks at the dive bar.
((((7)))) Upbeat kinda like “Electric”-era Cult mix up with super-early INXS? Either way this is super catchy & rather rockin’.
((((8)))) Weird high-pitched chords, click-track beats then short & fast bursts of er...boogie/garage/punk? Yeah that it’s it!
((9)) Straight ahead slowish swagger it’s ok but not much other than that.
((((10)))) 5-6 chord toe-tappin’ rocker, simple & hella easy to follow and some really rad chord changes (1:02-1:18). except it drops out completely from 4:20-4:37 and becomes this slow ramblin’ Led Zep/The Cult kinda thing (FCCs: “fucking” 5:45 & 5:49-50).

Track Listing
1. Shadows   6. Most of Th Time
2. Flush My Love   7. You Shouldn't
3. Poison   8. Contagious
4. Back to the Past   9. Cause Were Alive
5. I Aint no Flower   10. Skin Me