Tiger Saw / Gimme Danger/Gimme Sweetness
Album: Gimme Danger/Gimme Sweetness   Collection:General
Artist:Tiger Saw   Added:Aug 2004
Label:Kimchee Records  

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The Goodbye

Album Review
Reviewed 2004-11-30
Hypnotic and waltz-like, tearful yet sweet. Very slow. “Jazz in concept, not in execution.” Complementary male & female vox, myriad of instruments that form dream-like soundscapes. 2nd full-length album from this Massachusetts band, born in 1999 in LA. Founder, Dylan Metrano, has a constant flux of players in Tiger Saw. Band has composed a couple of movie scores. RIYL: Low, Ida. ALL CLEAN. NO FCC VIOLATIONS.

1) “R U Courageous?” Alternating male/female/duet. Tinkling chimes. Title of song is the only thing repeated throughout, save album title and some at the beginning, but not annoyingly so. End it at 1:53. (2:04)
2) “Love Will Kill.” 0:22 stronger percussion and guitar. 0:35 more guitar. 1:00 female layered backups and counterparts. 1:57 just female. 2:03 more focus on organ. Stop around 2:57. (3:07)
3) *“Burning.” Whole-note syllables, male vox, and gentle guitar chords. 0:23 long organ chords introduced. 1:26 piano chords and tinkling high
notes come in. 1:47 low notes to complement high ones. Stop at 2:45. (2:49)
4) **“I Am So Cold.” Melancholy instrumental opening with chimes. Male vox 0:21. 0:42 gentle intro of harmonized background vocals, mixed gender. 2:24 instrumental. 2:59 chimes close it out. Stop around 3:06. (3:11)
5) “Forever Taking Leave.” Gentle, echo-y guitar chords keep same slow tempo until 2:30, when more guitar melody comes in and song gets a bit stronger. Male and female vox, which stop at 4:03. Stop around 4:11. (4:17)
6) **“West of the Sun.” All instrumental. Single acoustic string plucks. Electric guitar single-string plucks and viola introduced at 0:09, which
gets increasingly mournful. 0:19 slow percussion. 1:03 emphasis back on acoustic. Emphasis on cello at 1:12. All instruments come back in 1:29. 3:17 nice mellow guitar bridge. 3:47 low electric guitar chords. Echo-y fade out. Stop at 4:05. (4:14)
7) “Eleven O’Clock (Always Comes).” Can’t hear much until 0:04 – gentle percussion. Male/female vox are back. 1:22 female emphasis with distorted
guitar, gentle male backup. Single-key organ accompaniment at 1:36. 1:49 male back, viola. Ends 2:43 with strong drum beat. (2:54)
8) All My Friends Are Right Here…” Gentle male count into song. Female joins in harmonizing, almost chanting. Around 0:40 sounds like slow banjo. End at 2:22. (2:32)
9) *“The Sweetest Goodnight.” Gentle guitar intro. 0:19 percussion and male vox. Quiet repeated snare drum rolls. 0:51 emphasis on cello melody, repeated at 1:54, and 2:58. 3:27 just cello closes. Stop at 3:38. (3:43)
10) “The Goodbye.” Male vox start immediately, with gentle guitar chord accompaniment. Low cello. 1:19 female backup harmony. 1:41 cello picks up its own melody in background. Pause 2:21 to 2:23 (you could seperate the first and second half of this song if you want). Back at 2:24, all instrumental. Dreamy guitar chords. 2:43 more instruments join in. Instruments start to drop out at 4:58. Stop at 5:08. (5:13)

Track Listing
1. R U Courageous?   6. West of the Sun
2. Love Will Kill   7. Eleven O'clock (Always Comes
3. Burning   8. All My Friends Are Right Her
4. I Am So Cold   9. The Sweetest Goodnight
5. Forever Taking Leave   10. The Goodbye