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Album: Bang in the Bay   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2004
Label:Soma Records  

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I've Got the Message
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All My Friends Are Evil
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Standing & Talking
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I Will not Be Denied
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All My Friends Are Evil

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-11-02
This is a collection of 24 local bands spanning punk, hardcore, stoner rock, and even some country. The results are mixed but it’s a decent sample of a handful of quality Bay Area music.
Some good, some OK and some total crap. Btw, what’s up with the Miller Beer logo on here?

(((1))) Eddie Haskells - Mid-70’s punk action huge Sex Pistols influence with some “whoa-hoo” backup vocal parts. Pretty nice.
((2)) Bar Feeders - Fast drunk-punk that goes essentially nowhere.
(((3))) El Buzzard - Heavy, noisy rock with some nick of AC/DC’s “Whole Lotta Rosie” riff twisted into a mess of bondoed steel Camaros. Getting there but work on the vocals.
(((4))) The Cliftons - Drunk-punk (typical for San Jose) but kinda catchy & done well. In the spirit of the late 80’s/early 90’s era Dwarves & Supersuckers.
(((5))) Bottles & Skulls - Low-fi spazzoid vocal, mid-tempo punk rawk. Pretty solid.
(((6))) Mojo Apostles - Twangy country-rock (not fuckin’ “”) with an ode to Evel Knivel.It even mentions the time he beat the shit out of some dude in Sunnyvale with a baseball bat. Darn tootin’!
((7)) - Shitkickers - More country but this is a little more Minuitemen or Devo-like in the vocals but of course not as good and kinda dopey. The banjo solo is a nice touch though.
((((8)))) Fracas - Total Misfits worship but damn does Joe Franke & co. rip it up. Personal and positive lyrics and no "horror business". Lots of great riffs & breaks and overall a lot of fun.
(((9))) Ill Gotten Gainz - (*FCC on the intro “you fuckin’ freak!”*) Weird ass, kinda heavy rockin’ stuff. Like the Melvins in a blender with early Clutch?
(10) Phenomenauts - Avoid! Lame country-twang rockabilly with “funny” space effects. I have no clue what their singing.
((11)) The Sore Thumbs - Starts off just like a Descendents song with that bass-led intro and goes forth into more early 80's punk sound like the Misfits. Super-dumb lyrics "cause the rock n’ roll is all around you tonight”
(((12))) Totimoshi - Lots of bass then lots of stummy guitars. Sounds like some of the better “grunge-rock” from the 90’s. This could’ve been an early Nirvana outtake but I mean that in a good way not in the bullshit way like the "grunge lite" of Stone Temple Pilots.
((13)) Fancy Hair Dragon - Straight-up twangy punk with a slight Ramones & Dickies vibe. Not bad but the nasly vocals border on annoying
((14)) The New Strange - Sonic Youth-like riffs into some janglely strummy and noisy vocals. Something like oh I dunno...The Poster Children and The Posies mixed up? Noisy vocal indie pop that’s kinda “there”.
((((15)))) Calico - Loud pop-punk with Spanish-accented vocals. Super poppy punk but really far from sucking ass . Like 90’s era Social D. but much more pleasing to the ear.
(16) RU36 - Tons of FCCs. Avoid!
(((17))) The Odd Numbers - One of the good early 90’s bands from San Jose. A bit of the Jam, Elvis Costello, and a bit of later Social D.
(((18))) NME - Fucked up early grunge/noise rock from the late 80’s/early 90’s like The Thrown-Ups except with an anti-drug message. Pretty solid mess of sound.
(((19))) The Deed - Bassy, heavy, stoner-rock that works pretty well in the style of Nebula, Mushroom River Band, etc.
(20) Double Wyde - AVOID! Country-twang rock that goes absolutely nowhere!
(((21))) Sammy Shakes - Basic, no-brainer fast punk with vocals that sound strangely enough like David Lee Roth! But what the hell, it kinda works!
(((22))) Texas Thieves - Sounds like old So. Cal punk/hardcore like The Adolescents or D.I. Done rather well but the chorus is kinda weak.
((23)) dot.commies - I have no idea what the stoner at the beginning is saying. Nothing too interesting.
(24) Greenhouse Effect - Cymbal heavy intro then really shitty & stereotypical “stoner rock”. The singer sounds like David Lee Roth on crack and a terrible song title.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Eddie Haskells, the I've Got the Message
2. Bar Feeders, the Sally
3. El Buzzard Lolli Pop Girl
4. Cliftons, the Bottles and Cans
5. Bottles and Skulls All My Friends Are Evil
6. Mojo Apostles Evel Knievel
7. Shitkickers Voodoo
8. Fracas I Will not Be Denied
9. Ill Gotten Gainz Disease
10. Phenomenauts, the Robot Love
11. Sore Thumbs, the The Courd Hop
12. Totimoshi Make Your Day
13. Fancy Hair Dragon Drop the Bomb
14. New Strange, the Standing & Talking
15. Calico La Bella
16. RU36 The Wrecking Crew
17. Odd Numbers, the Think
18. Nme I'm Glad U Do Drugs
19. Deed, the Bull Run
20. Double Wyde Petumia
21. Sammy Shakes Up in Smoke
22. Texas Thieves, the Dying of Distress
23. Dot.Commies Huckbolt
24. Greenhouse Effect Ass Gass or Grass