Love Songs / All Branches, no Trunk
Album: All Branches, no Trunk   Collection:General
Artist:Love Songs   Added:Aug 2004
Label:New Disorder  

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There's no L in Fool, Foo
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There's no L in Fool, Foo, Ipsn Day, To All the Girls I've Ever T
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There's no L in Fool, Foo
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Ipsn Day
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To All the Girls I've Ever Thought About Loving Before
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Luv Song

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-11-07

Love Songs is the very crafty Craigums (Your Mother, W.H.N.) on guitar and lead vocals and he’s backed by a really tight band. These are 13 songs about love, friendships & relationships, the siginifcance of November 15th, cookies, Mr. T-ian phonetics.
Anyway, Craigums throws down a excellent blend of punk, hardcore, pop and rock along with some fuckin’ hi-larious parody songs, too! Hugely recommended if you’re looking for something funny yet heartfelt and hella catchy. Great artwork that goes with the lyrics, too.
((((1)))) A rad uppity, melodic rock tune in praise of friends of his who are a rad couple. Runs only 0:36.
(((((2)))) An great ode to the late & great Matty Luv (of Hickey, Rockin' punk/indie with high, sometimes histronic vocals. Nice stuff
(FCCs: “and people treat like shit” 0:38-38 & 1:29-30)
((((3)))) Slow & poppy with nice multi-tracked vocals and a pissed off/sarcastic anti-smoking theme. Although, hardline straight-edge this is not. Then it goes into some 2nd part that’s all acoustic strumming & some radio sample that intros then next tune...
(((((4))))) Fuckin’ hilarious Dickies sounding track about shaving their nuts followed by funny bone crunching Top 40 parodys. I dunno if nuts & testicles, and “ass crack” falls under “the FCC indecency code" but this is AMAZING stuff!
((((5)))) Strangely enough starts off like “Phantom of The Opera” by Iron Maiden but falls into more of a steady rock vibe. This is an awesome indie-rock tune that mentions being in love with a rad Swedish punk girl who listens to Skitsystem & Totalitar.
((((6)))) Kinda metal/hard rock sounding with nice straight-ahead riff. I’d say this probably has the best vocal performance on the whole album. Plus, some more song parodies with the sound effect of a radio dialing & a fake radio commerical for a Peter Frampton/Scorpions/Rancid show!?! Ha-ha!
(((7))) Slow acoustic number all about “cookies & love”.
((((8)))) Upppity kinda ska/punk silliness with kinda cartoon-like vocals. I see lots of Muppets singing this one. This is about this girl he knew around 2000, (that I met once). He’s right, that girl was WAY metal!
((((9)))) Wild & fast rockin’ punk & some metallish thudding with philosophical lyrics.
(((((10)))) Hella fast melodic punk/hardcore all about the correct Mr. T-ian prouncation of “Foo!” (FCC “fucking” but it’s not very clear)
((((11)))) Bouncy, melodic punk simple & super catchy. Bonus points for the early Metallica-like solo and the line “she’s a boon for a baboon”.
((((12))) Strummy tune that jumps from regular verses to a cool spoken word part. All about the complexities of a particular relationship.
(((13))) Acoustic strumming and a sad ballad that forms into a big Who sounding like bouncy rock number.

Track Listing
1. Chico Y Chica   7. Cookies and Love
2. Luv Song   8. Salty Dwarf
3. Cool As Corpses   9. All Branches, no Trunk
4. Ipsn Day   10. There's no L in Fool, Foo
5. Sweet-Ish   11. To All the Girls I've Ever T
6. Dick Parade   12. Misfortune Cookie
  13. Mr Ruptured Sharp