Minor Times, the / Making Enemies
Album: Making Enemies   Collection:General
Artist:Minor Times, the   Added:Oct 2004
Label:Level Plane  

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1. Dec 31, 2004: Hail To The Past, Move Towards The Future
The King Is Very Dead

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-01-03
Some really good “post-hardcore” aka: something heavy & overpowering yet more metal than hardcore but not quite 100% either way and not that metal-core stuff either. You can file this near Keelhaul and Drowningman (and maybe a slowed down verson of early Cave In) & bits of old Trance label bands. These guys know how to use the power of the riff and WILL keep you interested. The lyrics are written from the point of view of a character more in the really fictional yet creepy way.

((((1)))) FCCs “Fuck you” (3x) in the first 15 seconds! “Fuck” (in irst minute) “shut the fuck up” at 2:52-51. Otherwise, a fine, solid slab of mid-tempo riffy heaviness.
((((2)))) Lots of stops & starts and some nice tones & harmonics - well done - doods!
((((3)))) Noise rock meets doom. Lots of crushing low-end and a solid groove & some severe pummel-age I like!
((((4)))) Slower slight Jesus Lizard crossed with Neurosis.
FCC “shit” (but it sounds like “sheeeeeeedddddtt”) - short & walloping.
((5)) Insect-like electronic noises, distorted spoken female voice from some sci-fi dystopian American of the future. Sounds like there could be two slight FCCs which sound like “fucking” (the word not the act!) but are rather distorted. Weird but not weird in a good sort way.
(((6))) A Drowningman-like or Deadguy-sorta feeling aka: slow, winding, loud & spiteful yet pretty moving.
((((7)))) Midtempo baneful with AMAZING sections of harmonics, a bit like Neurosis mixed with Keelhaul with some GREAT riff power!
((((8)))) Starts off like “Shortstack” from great but sadly forgotten Texas band, Johnboy. Then has a serious of tempos that are jumping around a lot but enough to keep you interested. Despite the title - no FCCs.
((((9)))) Thudding, slow & lotsa great pick slides all super angry sounding as if they possess a fist upon each finger

Track Listing
1. 00:30:42   6. The Eye in the Sky
2. The Pugilist at Work   7. The King Is Very Dead
3. Old World Vulture   8. Glass Ceilings >> this Lane
4. The Narcissist at Rest   9. I Fuck for Money
5. Whiskey Wednesdays   10. Vertigo