Exciter / New Testament
Album: New Testament   Collection:General
Artist:Exciter   Added:Oct 2004
Label:Osmose Productions  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-10-17
Exciter - now THERE’s a name from Canadian metal past. They’ve not pulling a “back from the dead” deal here as they’ve not sat out really at all since ‘83. The major difference these days is the vocals. Dan Beehler distnictive scream-laden voice isn’t in the mix anymore.

Whereas current vocalist - Jacques Bélanger is more in the derrivative but talented form of Halford, Dickinson and Byford. So what they’re doing here is something a few other bands have done (Anthrax, Testament, The Crown) - that is re-recording old songs with the current line up. This isn’t that good of an idea - I mean you had gold the first time why turn it into bronze? Overall, this is a pretty good re-working but it’s NEVER gonna top the originals.
((((1)))) Solid re-make of a “Heavy Metal Maniac” track from ‘83. Very METAL & rather ‘Maiden-ish.
((((2)))) Killer riffing & drumming. They even recreated that echo & reverb effect that the original has. Too bad he didn’t end it with that defiant “Yeeaaa-uh!” like the orig. has.
((3)) Kinda OK but HUGELY reminicent of that overkilled high pitched vocals that Ripper Owens did in ‘Priest and continues in Iced Earth. A little too silly.
(((4))) Solid & heavy drumming and thunderous riffing. but gets a little too into that ‘wanna be ‘Priest category in the vox.’ Otherwise, this kills.
(((5))) This is a recent one but still sounds like it could’ve been from ‘87 or so. Close to killing, speedy metal with an annoying as fuck chorus. The playing is awesome though.
((((6)))) Re-done number from “Long Live The Loud” and it’s pretty damn solid totally true metal, so whadda complaining about?
((((7)))) Another kinda recent one. Sounds pretty rad with a spastic Iron Maiden & ‘Priest on speed mixed with Nasty Savage-like evil backing vocals.
(((8))) Another one originally from “Long Live The Loud” he doesn’t hit the high notes as well as Allen Jackson but still does it pretty well. Most of this falls kinda flat though.
(((9))) Even in ‘84 this song was redundant as fuck - just like Anvil’s “Metal On Metal” but it has some of the BEST “Metal Unity” lyrics ever! A slice of tasty, classic Candian cheese!
((((10)))) One of the best Exciter tunes of all time. It’s kinda posi- too! Fast & rippin’ pure metal - no subgenres needed here.
((((11)))) Cheesy lyrics straight from 1983 but a really killer version of this classic.
((((12)))) Nice acoustic intro and overall a good epic also from “Heavy Metal Maniac”. It has two parts one with the intro then the actual song. The vox aren’t always “on” but it still sounds like that era when Queensryche & Dio made big ass ballads that really ruled. (Y’know back in ‘82-’84)
((13)) Wasn’t this the riff to “Pounding Metal”? Either way sounds like a budget Iron Maiden or ‘Priest in the same song. Goes basically nowwhere.
((14)) One of the most awesome metal tunes ever ‘cept this one sounds so flat & uninspired it’snot even funny! They even forgot all of the killer pick slides & they need to turn up the guitar - like now!
((15)) A late 90’s tune that has a nice groove but it’s pretty close to something they would’ve done on “Unveiling The Wicked”. The vocal delievery is hella corny - as if Thor (the Candian metal dude, not the Norse god) did a tough guy metal band.

Track Listing
1. Rising of the Dead   9. I Am the Beast
2. Violence and Force   10. Pounding Metal
3. Rule with An Iron Fist   11. Stand Up and Fight
4. Rain of Terror   12. Heavy Metal Maniac
5. Brutal Warning   13. Blackwitch
6. Victims   14. Burn at the Stake
7. Of Sacrifice   15. Long Live the Loud
8. The Dark Command   16. Ritual Death