Nedelle and Thom / Summerland
Album: Summerland   Collection:General
Artist:Nedelle and Thom   Added:Oct 2004
Label:Kill Rock Stars  

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You Take Me You Break Me
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Sun in My Eyes

Album Review
Peter Porcino
Reviewed 2005-02-06
Nedelle and Thom – Summerland – Kill Rock Stars

Really a showcase of Nedelle’s voice more than anything else. Fortunately she has a strong one and mixes up the pop with jazz with soul. The album still gets a bit monotonous by the end, though. Lyrics invariably deal with heartsickness of one form or another.

1,5,11 cover her spectrum and give a good range of strong songs.
FCC: “shit” on 7

1. * (2:43) Jumps right in with strong, female vocals w/ very light supporting vocals. Upbeat, but lovesick. Slow section at 1:25 and end.
2. (2:35) Light song. Upbeat, fast drums do most of the work. Vocals at 2:16 – sadder, more pining. 12s fade.
3. (3:07) Starts w/ guitar and drums giving an early rock feel. Lapses into slower feel, no more rockin’.
4. (2:20) Upbeat song. Melancholy but hopeful lyrics. Short guitar intro. Pretty vocals w/ occasionally prevalent background singing.
5. * (3:00) Sadder, more emotive, soulful song. Starts w/ “la-la” vocals harmonies, main vocals soon thereafter. Female background singers. Shows wider vocal range. Fade at 8s, silence by 6. “You did me wrong” song
6. (2:40) Slow start, gets more upbeat – “Missing you/can’t go on” song
7. (2:15) FCC: shit Guitar intro with a funk sound. Duet vocal. Nedelle sings deeper – not the same melodic sound she gets on other tracks. Duet works at times, but sounds off at others.
8. * (2:02) Cool bass line and drums for intro. Interesting guitar work. Very solid vocals – pretty and emotive. Bittersweet – “love him but days went too fast” fade at 9s, silence by 6s.
9. (2:03) Pretty, slow, sad. Immediate vocals. Simple, straightforward instrumentation. “Gave what I could” to a man. Silence at 7s.
10. (3:35) More of a pop feel, upbeat. (Beatles’ “Getting Better at the beginning”). Song is longer than it has to be – gets repetitive. Lyrics seem clever and weak at the same time – end of the world love song (?)
11. (2:56) Slow acoustic duet. Guitar intro with (as the name suggests) a lullaby feel. Contains titular “summerland” lyric. “Born to die/going to a better place” sweet but sad love song. Silence relatively abruptly with 16s left – watch ending!

Track Listing
1. You Take Me You Break Me   6. Sun in My Eyes
2. Care for Me   7. Counting Shit
3. It's Up to You   8. In Time It Snows
4. Puddle at Your Toes   9. He Cursed Me
5. You Know   10. Cute Things
  11. Lullaby