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Recent Airplay
1. Feb 03, 2005: Baptism of Solitude
Relatives Got Nerve
3. Dec 17, 2004: SomeOfTheBestOf 2004-First Headsmashin' Goodness
Cruisin' at the Show
2. Dec 21, 2004: Baptism of Solitude
Cruisin' at the Show
4. Dec 17, 2004: Baptism of Solitude
Stabbed in the Back

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-01-03
37 rippin’ gay & “damn proud of it” hardcore punk tunes. The concept here was 4 Chicago queers with a straight-edge concept to point out the obvious idiocy in the SxE scene (which is pretty much a big “man-love” fest in denial) Limp Wrist conceptually isn’t so much a “novelty” as it is a throwback to the original in-your face kinda of “this is whom I am and fuck you if you don’t like it!” style of punk. This band featured Martin from Los Crudos on vocals. There’s some really funny lyrics and these dudes play some of the best hardcore (pun sort of intended) in recent years. Too bad they split up last year.
((((1))))) Drum clicks, pick slide then wham! Total hardcore ramrod (double entendré very intended!)
((((2)))) Mid-tempo HC with wild vocal sections
(((((3))))) Killer mid-tempo early 80’s styled like Negative Approach/Minor Threat
((((4)))) 4 chords h.c. with a sing-along chorus (FCC “shit”)
(((5))) Can’t understand a word he’s singing even with a lyric sheet. Lyrcially great but musically not all there.
((((6)))) 24 seconds of hyper-core - great stuff!
((((7)))) A harsher version of Negative Approach
(((((8))))) Super short blast
((((((9))))) Killer theme song! (FCC “bullshit”)
(((((10))))) Anti-Dr. Laura song (FCC “shit” is “pissed” on the FCC no-no list?) this is fuckin’ awesome hardcore with a great sense of humor.
(((11)))) Rippin’ anti-”Christian punk” number, blazes by almost too fast but is still rather good.
(((((12))))) Amazing fast intro then mid-tempo confrontational h.c. Sounds like this is a Youth of Today song.
((((13)))) Great intro that piles all of the instruments together then charges out of the gate and celebrates the posi-side of the h.c. scene.
((((14)))) Bad-ass raging h.c. sound with killer drumming & saracastic lyrics.
(((15))) Youth crew styled number about people who “don’t get” h.c. The spirit is there but the feeling isn’t.
((((16)))) Short & to the point blast against emo and “melodic punk” bullshit.
(((17))) A pretty good raw punk tune but waaay too many FCCs

((((18)))) Charging mid-tempo with kinda catchy chorus.
((((19)))) Raw h.c. with a serious D.C. 1981 vibe to it. Great line “You got the bible up your ass and Christ is your pimp” (FCC “shit”)
((((20))) A “stabbed in the back tune” but with a different take.
((((21)))) Thrashed out h.c.
(((((22))))) Total Minor Threat on speed with a full-scale attack on mainstream queer imagery. (FCC “shit”)
((((23))) Drum heavy intro then charging h.c. a bit like Minor Threat’s “Straight Edge” but with a rawer vocal style (FCC “fuck you” at very end)
(((24))) More Minor Threat styled but still good.
((((25)))) Raw, ripping mid-tempo h.c. with a early 80’s vibe.
(((26))) Not too different from the last tune but still pretty rad. (FCC “motherfuckin’”)
(((27))) Almost grind tempo. Pretty cool.
((((28)))) Definetely one of the BEST h.c. tunes of recent memory. An ode to all of the queer punks who were there in the 80’s and early 90’s.
((((29)))) Super-awesome chargin’ mid-tempo h.c.
(((((30))))) Hi-larious! Fast but to the point tune where the chorus explains it all. Great intro & outro skits.
31-37 are from a live show & demos
(((31))) Good live recording of track ##11
(((32))) Solid version of their theme song
((((33)))) Different mix of track#1
(((34)))) This version sounds better to the one on #23. This one’s actually “Recruiting Time”.
((((35)))) Raw version of #20 this one’s actually “Stabbed In The Back”
((((36)))) This vocal track sounds totally up front & awesome and the rest of the intensity doesn’t really suffer despite the feedback seeping in.
((((37)))) Pummelling h.c. another take on track #13 but much longer and full of feedback

Track Listing
1. I Love Hardcore Boys/I Love   19. What's Up with the Kids
2. Secrets   20. Stabbed in the Back
3. Cruisin' at the Show   21. Punk Ass Queers
4. Smear the Fear   22. Rainbows
5. You Ain't that Fierce   23. Recruiting Time
6. Back in the Days   24. Define
7. Relatives Got Nerve   25. 12 Years of Church
8. Cheap Art   26. A Message to the President
9. Limp Wrist   27. Angry Queen
10. Limp Wrist Vs Dr. Laura   28. The Ode
11. This Ain't no Cross on My Ha   29. Complex
12. Brotherhood   30. Does Your Daddy Know?
13. Thanks   31. This Ain't no Cross on My Ha
14. We Started this Band to Get   32. Limpwrist
15. Od'd on Pop   33. I Love Hardcore Boys/I Love
16. Give Me a Fuckin' Break   34. Stabbed in the Back
17. Man to Man   35. Recruiting Time
18. No Choice   36. Brotherhood
  37. Thanks