Lost Sounds / Lost Sounds
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Artist:Lost Sounds   Added:Nov 2004
Label:In the Red Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-01-13
Energetic as hell keyboard-y/punky and new wave with incredible female & male vocals.
Lost Sounds push all of the so-called “dance-punk” stuff off the cliff and keep things evenly on the “dance” side or better yet the “new wave” side as well the “punk” side. Play with Manda & The Marbles, Devo and The Pixies.

((((1))))) New wave hopped up on goofballs with a young Black Francis on vox.
(((((2)))) Crazy X-Ray Spex kinda tempo with KILLER female vocals & riffage. The best of early U.S. & UK punk fer sure!
(((((3))))) Continues the awesomeness of the previous song but with a more paranoid lyrical tone and even more raccous. The keyboards are all over the place here. Just in-credible stuff!
(((((4))))) Slow guitar riff with beautiful new-wave female vox. Somewhere around Missing Persons, The Avengers & The Weirdos? Despite my lack of reference points this is simply amazing - just listen!
(((((5))))) Wild, Devo-ish vocals, keyboards & riffs with a Pixies-like chorus. Their consistency is amazing.
(((((6))))) In bizarro world - where good music gets more justice this is the number #1 song this week. Spacey, new-wave Devo/Screamers weirdness.
((((7)))) Kind of “prog-rock meets the Cars” intro then gets into ‘78-era punk gear. If Gary Numan grew up with these kids he might sound like this. Great waves of keyboards & guitars.
((((8)))) Sounds like early West Coast punk with some crazy echo parts. Kind of Runaways/Nikki & The Corvettes but with no sleazy old guys looking over their shoulders.
(((9))) Time to do that bizarro Devo robot dance whilst pissing on some lame hipster’s trucker hat. A little too redundant but still pretty darn good.
((((10)))) Fuzzy guitars and the very sexy vocals by Alicja pretty much straight up garage/punk action with a wailing metal-ish solos (1:55-2:26). Yeaaaah!
((((11)))) More crazy Devo/circus keyboard/synths with an even "Devo-licious" chorus. Excellent video game electronics sounds around 1:21 then gets into a tweaked out Cars-like pattern towards the end.
((((12)))) Loony, random robotic new-wave/ur-punk somewhere around The Screamers meets Missing Persons on a bad day. Bonus points for making the synths squealing like monkeys & their guitar battle (1:33-2:25)

Track Listing
1. There's Nothing   7. Your Looking Glass
2. Destructo Comet   8. Let's Get Sick
3. I Get Nervous   9. And You Dance?
4. Clones Don't Love   10. We're Just Living
5. I Sit and I Wait   11. Mechanical Feelings
6. Ophelia   12. Bombs Over Mom