Shrimp Boat / Something Grand
Album: Something Grand   Collection:General
Artist:Shrimp Boat   Added:Nov 2004
Label:Aum Fidelity  

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Rocks Are Oil
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I Loves You, Porgy
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Album Review
Reviewed 2005-03-30
Madness, pure and complicated. This is a three disk box set of the non-album tracks from the unique 80’s Chicago group Shrimp Boat, which formed the nucleus for later groups such as the Sea and Cake and Falstaff. Their work ranges wildly over the three disks. Disk 1 is mostly noise experiments, banjo based alt country, and wailed vocals. Disk 2 tends more into free jazz and other sorts of freak outs. Disk 3 brings us into the more polished, jazzy light rock sound that the Sea and Cake would go on to explore. The end result of it all is the gradually developing voice of Sam Prekop layered over what sounds like Sonic Youth equipped with banjos and saxophones. Spotty, twisted, mediocre, and brilliant all in a package.

Disc 1
*1. Somewhat polyrhythmic; bass, banjo, odd percussion, slacker vocals
*2. Shuffle, awesome banjo work
3. Descending bass line, awful sax solo
*4. Softer, slower, maracas
5. Drum and classical guitar barrage, then sax moves us into knee slapping
6. Muttered banter, a cappella. territory.
*7. Shaky, guitar driven
*8. Whistle and banjo, mountain singer impersonation
9. Not as interesting, much like 7
10. Uptempo, a little wild
11. Slower, mawkish picking
12. Driving, yet gentler than most. 7 mins.
13. Low, slothful.
14. Lots of verve, sloppy guitar,
15. Shanting, spoken word collage.
**16. Jazzy intro, halting guitar, Iran Contra. Long, 12 mins.
17. Flat surf bassline, wailing.
Disc 2
*1. A sleighride that leads to a hoedown of moaning elves.
*2. Slow swing ballad, jazzy chords
3. Busier, wailed campfire chorus w/ guitar freakout
4. Serialist plinkings, organ, sound effects, followed by dark organ song
*5. Banjo shuffle, introduced briefly by radio announcer
6. Rather traditional free jazz
7. Structured jazz/rock, mid tempo
*8. Carter family cover, quite traditional
*9. Up tempo alt country - silly
10. Slow bass w/ cymbal tap, builds to wonderful screams
11. Halting number
12. Chill jazz instrumental
**13. Quintessential low key indie rock
14. Much like 13, but not as good.
15. More upbeat number, far more Sea and Cake-y
*16. Darker, bass drum thump, instrumental
17. Jaunty, tapping instrumental. Goofy sound effects.

Disc 3
*1. Upbeat, light jazz rock. Nice active guitar.
*2. Softer vocals, nice sax solo
*3. More free jazz exploration and extrapolation, Fiddler on the Roof
4. Darker free jazz
5. Polyrhythmic, nice repeated guitar line, up tempo.
**6. Strange overlayed vocals. Weird and excellent
**7. Distorted guitar! Very nice song, great lyrics
8. Tooting horn, nice vocals
9. Slower, plodding
*10. Soft, almost sweet
11. Distorted bugle impersonation, screeching sax
*12. Gershwin cover, remarkably traditional
13. A little throwback to the alt-country shuffle
14. Long slow jam, cacophonous end
*15. A tender, chill, catchy number
16. Instrumental, light
*17. Strong guitar and sax based song

Track Listing
1. Rocks Are Oil   26. Sanchez River
2. Born in a Sour   27. Charm Lost
3. Bumble Bees   28. How Sweet She Was
4. Collecting Me   29. Anna E
5. Only Making Fools   30. Medea Rising
6. Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy   31. She Ra
7. Mimi   32. Kickball
8. Sourwood Mountain   33. Fuzzy Tremolo
9. Melon Song   34. Limerick Dub
10. Pillars Pond   35. Honeyside
11. Can You Spare Some Change   36. Those Hookers
12. In Can't Wait I Cannot   37. Truck
13. Married in a Fever   38. Steam
14. Welcome to the Way It Is   39. Motorcade
15. Basin Slip   40. Slave Reel
16. Ollie's Song   41. Shoes
17. 65   42. Well, I Love My Baby
18. Hey Buddy, What's Wrong   43. I Don't Mind the Bums
19. The Light Between Your Knees   44. Weeping Into a Pond
20. Watched Pot   45. Shrimp Core
21. Heart of the City   46. I Loves You, Porgy
22. London Dew   47. When My Hand Is on the Wheel
23. Wonderful Wonderful   48. Drought of '43
24. Warzone   49. Columbo
25. You Are My Flower   50. Mudpin
  51. The Sultan's Eyes