Stella Link, the / Mystic Jaguar...Attack
Album: Mystic Jaguar...Attack   Collection:General
Artist:Stella Link, the   Added:Nov 2004
Label:Ascetic Records  

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Add Date: 2004-12-19 Pull Date: 2005-02-18
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Recent Airplay
1. Jan 23, 2005: Robot Talent Show
3. Dec 31, 2004: Hail To The Past, Move Towards The Future
Starting Line
2. Jan 12, 2005: The Ox and the Hammer Show
Ice Machine
4. Dec 29, 2004: UK
Fog Machine

Album Review
Reviewed 2004-12-16
Dissonant tension. Melodious noise collisions with sample experimentations, yet tight song structures, crushing rhythms, and rock sensibility. Driving bass lines. Kansas City band. RIYL: …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. ALL CLEAN. NO FCC VIOLATIONS.
1) “Apogee” (2:21). Instrumental. Opens with quiet bird noises. Melodious guitar and wind blowing noise at 0:14. 0:39 gentle percussion. 0:50 stronger percussion. 2:15 percussion out, flows into next song (CAN PLAY 1 AND 2 TOGETHER AS ONE).
2)* “Apogee” (3:45). Instrumental Guitar melody and synthesized beat (seamless transition from song #1). 0:28 dreamy slow guitar chords. 1:44 series of percussion crescendos. 1:56 gets quieter. 2:01 loud again. Climax of song, with overriding guitar note. 3:03 starts winding down, some high-pitched instrument (dream-like). End at 3:43.
3) “Starting Line” (4:29). Catchy, gentle electric guitar. 0:13 additional guitar (distorted). 0:45 melody change. 1:21 visceral male vox - visceral. 1:57 tight, high guitar strumming. Ends at 4:27.
4)* “Undetermined” (5:51). Instrumental. Dissonant, yet melodious guitars. Percussion in at 0:11. 0:35 heavier bass comes in. 1:12 male vox. 1:59 different guitar melody. 2:12 heavier instrumentation and loud male vox back. 3:17 light, fast, tight percussion. 3:40 tempo slows down a bit. 4:05 guitar tempo gets progressively slower. 4:50 pause. Noise picks back up slowly with tool sounds, guitar, bass, drums, cymbals. 5:49 ends.
5) *“Winner Takes All” (4:49). Guitars. 0:07 percussion, stronger at 0:10. Bass at 0:27. 0:29 male vox. 1:03 different guitar and tempo, slightly dream-like. 3:05 drops down to quiet guitar. 3:14 all back, including loud male vox. 4:37 quiet guitar back. Stop at about 4:45.
6) *“Ice Machine” (5:45). Opens with spacey sounds. 0:08 xylophone-like instrument in, with guitar background slowly building up. 1:07 instead of crescendo-ing, melody instruments get clearer and background instruments quiet. 2:13 high, fast guitar strumming, repeated and faded. 3:26 change in guitar melody. Distorted talking male vox at 4:19. End around 5:40.
7) “The Possibility of Bears” (3:22). Slower, with offbeat rests. 0:27 male vox. 1:28 layered male background vox. End at 3:19.
8) “Behold! The Hornless Unicorn” (5:10). Distorted guitar opening. More melodious (in a dissonant way) at 0:13. 0:30 deliberate male vox. Loud. Can end at 5:05.
9)* “Fog Machine” (2:23). Opens with fade-in/fade-out guitar, cool beats. Cacophonous, almost whiny guitar and echo-y drum. 1:43 quiets down (like intro). Sparkly ending. Can end around 2:15.
10) “Evil Creeper” (6:37). Guitar, bass, drums open in mid-fast tempo. Male vox 0:07. 0:47 sparser instrumentation. 1:00 stronger percussion. Male vox begin to talk instead of sing. 1:39 vox back to singing/yelling. Closes out with long, distorted guitar. Epic rock. End around 6:33. -margot

Track Listing
1. Apogee   5. Ice Machine
2. Starting Line   6. The Possibility of Bears
3. Undetermined   7. Behold! the Hornless Unicorn
4. Winner Takes All   8. Fog Machine
  9. Evil Creeper