Bishop, Sir Richard / Improvika
Album: Improvika   Collection:General
Artist:Bishop, Sir Richard   Added:Nov 2004
Label:Locust Music  

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Rudra's Feast
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Skull of Sidon

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-01-03
Sir Bishop is a member of the very bizarre Sun CIty Girls and a dealer in rare occult books hence titles like “Gnostic Gem” and “Skull Of Sidon”. This album is done entirely on a wooden steel stringed guitar. The results are quite impressive. Occasionally, this sounds like some newly unearthed enthno-folk or psychedelic rariety from Paraguay. A lot of these sound like they should have some trippy visuals from temples in Asia, forests in Europe and mountains in South America
((((1)))) Loudly played but somewhat random note patterns that resonate very well in your ears.
((((2)))) Sounds a little like a slow raga. This is focused yet it jumps around from differenting tempos, pitch and volume.
((((3)))) Beautiful picking and strumming, eventually gets into a very nice bit of rolling strides and then some crazy strumming and wild note flurries like a more hyperactive Ritchie Havens.
((((4)))) A strange series notes played as if he’s just right to work the right combination but doesn’t have it all sorted out. Although as an improvised, random piece it works.
(((((5))))) Jumps around from Spanish to Arabic tonalities to basic folkish strumming. Overall it’s all: Wow!
(((((6))))) Ah yes, the mystic 23 ...of the Illuminati. This track is not as mysterious but it is a rather capitivating blend of slowly plucked notes which resonate each go around.
(((((7))))) Works it’s way around like a mid-tempo raga or mellow Egyptian or other North African style so much that he even incorporates a few taps on the guitar that hint at Arabic or Indian percussion styles.
((((8))))) Slow strumming and a reach back to that earlier Spanish/classical style but in this case it’s Indian classical style not Western.
(((((9))))) Fast 1 or 2 string playing where even sounds like he might be hitting some “wrong” notes but then it ends up sounding like 2 guitars. So, maybe he’s on to some crazy techniques I’m not privvy to. Either way it’s a fine piece that keeps building and building.

Track Listing
1. Providence Unknown   5. Jaisalmer
2. Gnostic Gem   6. Mystic Minor 23
3. Rudra's Feast   7. Tripurasundari
4. Cryptonymus   8. Rose Secrections
  9. Skull of Sidon