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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2005-02-21
Radio oddities, snippets from 1940-present, strange stuff, radio pranks, news broadcasts from hostage takers, to Lennon's murder, to 911, really strange collection of stuff. All of it is FMU related, either overtly or the subject of an inside joke. This CD was made available only to a few select radio stations, not for sale. Detailed liner notes that, while offering great explanations as to the origin of this stuff, come across pretty damn narcississtic, self congratulatory (admittedly well-deserved in places, not-as-funny-as-they-think-they-are in others).

Disc 1:

1) sounds like 40's radio
2) WOR
early "talk" radio
3) "the drug problem" at rock concerts, AM news
4) 1973 murders on the radio
5) NPR cough restraint
6) death threat
7) "Ahm the greatest radio station in the world"
8) death threat threat recant
9) strange rap
10) more of 6,8 theme
11) more mojo, w/ bootsie collins
12) more 6, 8, 10
13) strange skipping CD voiceover
14) "its friday" wierd monologue
15) talk radio - homo's revenge
16) talk radio host disassembles a stupid college republican type, rips typical republican talk radio idiots a new one
17) more talk radio, "report" that UFO was tailing Hale Bopp comet, report inspired the cult that killed themselves
18) radio duo splitting up on the air
19) FCCs, do not play!
20) John Lennon Tower Records promo, dont play as this may violate our underwriting rules
21) similar to above
22) John Lennon assassination, scan of the radio dial, for real
23) FCC, interview with murderer/hostage taker - "running for my fucking life"
24) 911 WTC collapse, talks about a "secondary explosion", conspiracy nuts?

Disc 2 (almost all studio comedy):

1) earliest fmu moment, JFK spoof
2) on-air comedy
3) spoken, weird, rambling
4) FCCs, no!! (fucking hilarious!!!)
5) "freudian fantasies" faux radio drama intro, brief
6) audio radio transmitter meter reading crossed with CB radio, Mark Lawrence would probably drop a log over this
7) sorta funny
8) old band music
9) radio dj faking an on-air bad acid trip
10) FCCs
11) faux promo spot
12) faux Leonard Cohen poem with beatnik jazz drumming, more like Rod McKuen
13) desperate phony listener call-in, ha ha
14) wfmu promo/LID combines sesame street with monty python
15) FCC
16) like 12
17) not so good LID
18) like 12
19) doofy duo in-studio comedy
20) prank listener call in, rates the cheesy song, "zoo crew" material
21) more "ha ha" in studio blabbing
22) prank call to Henny Youngman, tells some great jokes
23) call in ragging about ads
24) caller "i looove the show"
25) prank call-in, retard singing, talk
26) people like us/kenny G. classic "i'm from Vagina"
27) those two guys who laugh at their own jokes on wednesday
28) setting up a promo with King Coleman

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Jim Hawthorne Radio Hijinks
2. Jean Shepherd Hurling Invective
3. Small-Town Newscast Hippies, Drugs & Trouble
4. 20/20 News Seven Murders in Four Hours
5. Shay Stevens Newscast Choke-Up
6. Herb the Threatened Dj Part 1
7. Black Pope, the I'm a Human Radio Station
8. Herb the Threatened Dj Part Ii
9. Electrifying Mojo, the Halloween Rap
10. Herb the Threatened Dj Part Iii
11. Electrifying Mojo, the 1:03 and 55 Seconds
12. Herb the Threatened Dj Part Iv
13. Steve Slack A Digital Duet
14. Unk. It's Friday!!
15. Niel Rogers The Chronic From Lutz
16. Bob Lassiter The High School Conservative
17. Art Bell The Hale-Bopp Spaceship
18. Ron & Ron An On-Air Divorce
19. Johnny Thunders Tasteless Fundraising
20. John Lennon Tower Records Ad
21. John Lennon Thrifty Drug Ads
22. New York, Ny Radio The Night John Lennon Died
23. Don Richards Interview with a Cop Killer
24. Ed Walsh, Joe Bartlett The First Tower Falls
25. Unknown Announcers Earliest Fmu Moment
26. Lou D'antonio, Irwin Chusid Gordon, Dad & Mr. Basket
27. Irwin Chusid The Nature of Mistakes
28. Vanilla Bean Memphis Phone Sex
29. Jim Pansulla Freudian Fantasies Intro.
30. Jim Price, George Flores Roger on that Belmar
31. Jim Pansulla Wednesday Night Break
32. Irwin Chusid I'm From New Jersey
33. Jim Price and Irwin Chusid Jim Freaks Out
34. Vanilla Bean Superbowl Call
35. Jim Pansulla Hour of the Duck Break
36. Jim Price, Irwin Chusid (Drums Leonard Cohen Poems
37. Jim Price Irwin Chusid Alligator Complaint
38. Wfmu That Wonderous Sound
39. Jim Price, Irwin Chusid Technical Difficulties
40. Jim Price, Irwin Chusid (Drums My Only Son
41. Wfmu The Voice of Cheese Id
42. Jim Price, Irwin Chusid How Come
43. Vanilla Bean R Stevie Moore Intro to Larry and Mookie
44. Chris T. Call Out Research
45. Ken Freedman & Chris T Marathon Rooftop Jig
46. Dave the Spazz & Gaylord Field Henny Youngman Call
47. Chris T Welcome to the 21ST Century
48. Automated Andy Breckman, Liste Robot Andy Speaks
49. Tom Scharpling Petey's Black Fly Song
50. People Like Us % Kenny G I'm From Vagina
51. Andy Breckman , Ken Freedman Andy As Wheezer Joe
52. Dave the Spazz, King Coleman Station Id