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Artist:Twinkie   Added:Mar 2005
Label:Avebury Records  

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Album Review
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Reviewed 2005-05-30
High powered group. Lots of their music borders on metal-ish. They like distortion and usually the vox are hidden behind strong guitar and bass. They have a really interesting way of combining all their melodies and harmonies. Each instrumental part is interesting and the album puts lots of emphasis on that. Half the time, the songs will start off with lyrics and break down half-way to instrumental until the song is finished. Recommended Tracks: 3, 9, 13
Track 1: Starts off with drums. High vocals. Power chords, distortion. Kind of mix between haunting and hard rock.
Track 2: Chords similar to above. A little lighter. Starts off slow, builds up to loud electric. Guy and girl singing.
*Track 3: A little more experimental, blues-y. Slower. Basically combines a whole lot of musical genres into one and ends up sounding crazy fun. Lots of distortion. Layering of vocals and melodies.
Track 4: Lots of good drum. Repetition of guitar chords. Starts out fast pace- halfway through slows down to lots of drum and some spoken word. Picks back up again.
Track 5: Starts off with vocals and guitar and drums. Vocals are really percussion influenced. Act more as instrument. Also more clear than in other lyrics. Turns instrumental at the end.
Track 6: Starts off high power and fast pace. Not as heavy on drums/bass distortion as before. Girl vox hidden behind most of music. Mix between heavy metal and indie pop.
Track 7: Starts out going back and forth between vocals and guitar/bass. More lyric heavy. Guitar solo ½ way through. Instrumental rest of way out.
Track 8: Starts out with very little distortion. Lead guitar is distorted. A little more slow moving. Lots of repeated phrases.
*Track 9: Fast paced. Cool chord progression. Lyrics fast, hidden behind guitar. Nice vocalization harmonies. Instruments move forward and keep up energy in a really cool way.
Track 10: Angry. If you like fast paced, heavily distorted songs, with interesting rhythms and instrument lines and lyrics about monkeys, this is the song for you.
Track 11: Fast chord played over again. Lyrics are shouted, very rhythmic. Main part of song is lyrics. Guitar is high whine slide. Instrumental break down at the end.
Track 12: Much slower, little distortion at beginning. With lyrics more distortion and higher powered.
*Track 13: Synthesizer. Much more psych. Cool harmonizing on vocals. Instruments create build in the song.
Track 14: Much more pop. Lighter instrumental. Female vox are strong. More mainstream. Fast paced but laid back. Nice return to chorus. Voices really act as instrumental.
Track 15: About 8 sec.s of silence at the beginning. Slow build up. Lots of distortion. Rocks out about 1 min in w/ vocals. Much more experimental. Emphasis on individual instruments.

Track Listing
1. Hi Lo Medium   8. Our Man D.A.V.E.
2. Mr Pierre   9. Dick Cave
3. Mondomingo   10. 3743
4. On the Verge of Moral Collap   11. Aardvark Barracuda Columbian
5. To Do Is to Be to Be Is to D   12. Chaff the Queen
6. This Is Your Enemy Taking Ov   13. Guess the Weight of My Wife
7. Crime   14. TK-1