Di Dollari / Di Dollari
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Artist:Di Dollari   Added:Apr 2005
Label:Mutant Music  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2005-05-11
Di Dollari – Di Dollari – Mutant Music
Reviewed by Peter 5-8-2005

Instrumental album of western (as in the film genre) rock featuring twangy guitars (including a baritone guitar), harmonica, accordion and percussion. Very straight-forward, doesn’t vary widely from the sound established at the beginning of the album, except for #13, which is much more experimental. Beginning of the album starts with a bluesier feel and gets twangier and more western as the album progresses. Guitars usually dominate and harp and accordion are tantalizingly buried – they’re there, but you have to listen for them. I starred tracks that I enjoyed, but nothing stood out as a bad track – the range was from pleasant music that slipped into the background to engaging, emotive or amusing.

No lyrics, no FCCs.
1. * 4:14 – Mid/Up-tempo, up-beat jam mostly strummed guitars with cool, subtle harmonica effects in background.
2. * 6:21 – Mid/Up-tempo. Down-beat, contemplative lead guitar over energetic background of up-beat percussion and harp.
3. 5:52 – Down-tempo, darker and less melodic, but with triumphant crescendos as well. Accordion used like harp, especially later on, as supporting background.
4. * 1:37 – Mid-tempo, short but w/ a variety of sounds: some minor, melodic, heroic, what sound like horns. Interesting blend.
5. * 4:45 – Mid-tempo, soft and slow. Starts with 40s bass intro over nighttime woods noises. Simple guitar and harp. Guitars become upbeat for last min.
6. * 5:24 – Mid-tempo, almost up-beat with cool twangy western guitar riffs and accordion. Ends with quiet 5s quote from a western “dead or alive”
7. * 4:46 – Mid-tempo, starts with emotive harp and harp part is more interesting throughout, but still largely covered over by the twangy guitars and shuffling percussion.
8. * 1:08 – Up-tempo/beat, very western guitar piece.
9. 3:01 – Mid/up-tempo with slurry (in a good way) harp that actually doesn’t feel drowned-out.
10. 4:14 – Mid-tempo, down-beat, starts with short, slow percussion solo. Sparse guitars and typical understated, quality harp-work in background.
11. 2:34 – Down-tempo, sparse, everything light: guitars, accordion, harp and percussion.
12. 4:37 - Mid-tempo, down-beat contemplative, sparse western that gets more upbeat and filled-in during the second half.
13. 6:06 – Most (only?) experimental track on the album. Prog-western-rock? Early Pink Floyd sound through spacey ambient soundscape filled with sparse guitar and noise elements, twittering birds, etc. Last 10s – movie sample about crossing over
14. 2:23 – Mid-tempo, driving, strongly western guitars and soaring harp. Hints of whistle in background add to the western feel.

Track Listing
1. Bluefinger   8. Brown Paper Bag
2. Dusty's Gift   9. Almagordo Shake
3. Montana   10. Sunflower
4. Orchard   11. Boomtown Busted
5. Intro   12. Barranc De Cobre
6. Tolex Remnants   13. These Days
7. North Star   14. Vamos a Matar