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Album: Extra Yard   Collection:Hip-hop
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Apr 2005
Label:Big Dada  

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Album Review
DJ Cikee
Reviewed 2005-10-11
Extra Yard
This Big Dada compilation is one of the best things that I have heard all year. It’s following in the trend of doing comps as a mixtape, which usually sucks but these mixes are clean and actually bring out some great qualities in the songs that are being presented… especially in the use of common production trends. A lot of the songs fit in with various genres so check it out and see what you like. There are no bad songs on this cd. The originally is totally dirty but I edited a clean version for radio play.
1.Turntable skit: less of a skit than a turntable set with some vocals.
2. Killer Apps: the beat is on the line between dancehall and a straightforward break combo. It has swings and has elements of two step in the snare. I really like the flow delivery and the change ups between mc’s. They all sound good together. The hook doesn’t make sense to me but I like it. A tight track.
3. Dreamy days remix: one of my favorite tracks off “Run Come Save Me”… this is more of a club anthem but it works, the hook is smooth and crooning instead a gritty chant and the added verse gives it some raga spice. The vibe is spacious with some crackin’ snares. Would mix well with neo soul, soul, downtempo, and dub genres.
4. this track reminds me of the British 50 cent but more eloquently produced and much more stimulating lyrics. It is another proclamation of a MC’s place in the hip hop landscape… a battle rap style with plenty ego inflation. The beat is crunchy funky and bouncy.
5. The vibe of the beat is video game soundtrack meets serious life contemplations and social criticisms. Female mc gives the track to a different dynamic as you don’t hear to many females in the uk scene. Some horn samples thrown in pop off the production and provide the catchy element.
6. Another semi club track from the hook and the sample based production elements. There’s a subtle Jamaican influence in the hook and some of the bass sounds. It’s a hard track with kind of a clean grunge feel to it. The same catch horns carry over from the track before.
7. This is definitely on the neo soul electro tip. The beat is bare, bass heavy, and beep happy. The lyrics are nice though and the singer reminds me of D’Angelo’s style. Can be played with neo soul, electronica, and hip hop.
8. Interesting talking monkey skit. Haha funny if you go in for monkey humor.
9. Continuing on the banana humor… a fantastic journey type rhyme – pretty abstract but with interesting imagery. I like the elemental combinations in the beat. Its more of a soundscape style, with interesting layers of synths, electric guitar loops, vibes and effected vocals. Dynamic and interesting if you like the aesthetically pleasing weirdness.
10. A dancehall track with raga style flows. The beat is deep and full with great string elements (bass and violin), timpani drums, and synth bass as well. The hook is natural and metaphorical… this track mixes well with electronica and hip hop. I like it a lot.
11. This track is a little on the cheesy side, the club side, and the bounce side… but the thing that I like about the brits is the at the hook can be totally club and the lyrics can still have interesting content and reference. The lyrics focus more on the flow and the rhyme scheme. The beat is 808 synth bass with a crackin snare and cuts that work into the bass line… a synth key bed carries the melody with some 80’s soundin riffs. The track works and I would definitely play it in the club and in the right up tempo context on a show.
12. This track has some similar elements to the track before it but they come together into a more serious and aggressively tensioned track. The hook is pretty tight and reminds me of early 90’s in raga style. The spacious keys and star trek sounds come together nicely into a hammering track with a lot of energy.
13. Another track with a lot of heavy synth triggered bass, crackin snare hits, beeps and whistles and 80’s keyed elements. The lyrics are amusing though and talk about the rhyme process from a Jamaican background, use nice imagery, and talk ish in a creative way. It all works though and the talk overs bring a uniq humor to the tracks. Checkit.
14. A dreamy, somnambulate track weaving different vocal styles and flow tempos together in a dynamic fashion creating spacious layers and fluid imagery. A rich layering of wind key, soft fills and effected sounds. Track would also mix well with downtempo and dub genres.
15. We go back into a more traditional break pattern with another straight Roots Manuva track. This track is straight of “Run Come Save Me” and was another one of my favorites. It’s juggled nicely and the bouncy in the bass has the head nod factor. The rhythm and the rhymes work entirely and the video game sample work entirely. Bump it!
16. A slower track that reminds me a bit of Dungeon Family production UK style. The Rhymes are harder; the beat is harder and more subdued in a minor tone. The elements are simple bass and snare with a few sample accents and dropped in layers the fill out the scape. The hook is a bit of a cry but I feel it. Its one of those strong armed beats that you can’t help but like.
17. Definitely a dancehall vibe with the horns and the break pattern. Its dirty and full and one of the best in the mix. The rhyme flow acts as the perfect melody and all the elements come together perfectly. The hook is soulful and well spaced. The song and is rich with a lilting swing and makes my eyes squint. The track would mix well into electronica, dub, and dancehall genres.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. A'la Fu & Esc A'la Fu Gives It to You
2. Gamma Killer Apps
3. Roots Manuva Dreamy Days
4. Ty We Don't Care
5. Roots Manuva Born Again
6. Gamma Izwah
7. Part 2 & Lsk Life Without You
8. (Skit) Barry Says
9. Infinie Lives No More Bananas
10. Litek Hifi Fire
11. Ty Shake It Up
12. New Flesh Lie Low
13. Defisis V. New Flesh Eat More Fruit
14. New Flesh Zero Gravity
15. Roots Manuva Witness Teh Swords
16. Inifite Livez Niceness
17. Roots Manuva Bashmest Boogie Shadowles