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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2005-08-19
Sampling fuckups and low-fi noise rock treatments/re-recordings, if not beautifully layered experimental noise. If you liked Ariel's Haunted Pink Graffiti you'll dig tracks on this for sure. If you're into noise rock stalwarts F/i, even psyche rock a la Bevis Frond, then pay attention: any time an artist sacrifices "quality" recording for simple boom box or Radio Shack hi-ball mics chances are they have something extra going on, at least at a passionate level, more than your average slick ass "cool" indie rock/pop or shoegazing poseur somnambulatory act. This is good stuff that will grate next to slickly recorded acts but channels instead their roots, Barrett era Floyd, Swell Maps' noisiest, all the way up to original Neutral Milk Hotel. Theres even some genuine quality noise layering in here. Great cd!

Disc 1:
1) for fans of Ariel's Haunted Pink Graffitti:
treatments of seemingly innocuous melodies, hip hop'isms, fucked up beyond belief
2) old school hard panning might make you think the kzsu board is being its fucked up self, but no, this is great experimental low fi noise at its best
3) cool super noise rock, layers
4) simple low fi basic rock
5) music box'ish tinklings with noisey bumps and grinds, a perfect interjection into any set (mix it up!)
6) nice layers of noise
7) droning layerings, this time ambient and more hypnotic, meditative, beautiful
8) brief, strange, anti-anti folk
9)very chill, ambient space
10) noise improv jam, ranges from sparse pots and pans type contributions to noise bass and harsh tones, all very low fi live to ghetto blaster quality
11) harsh microphone distorto vocal noise, a la Massonna or other early 90’s Japanoiseters
12) FCCs “shit”s

1) low fi echoey strange female "singing" reminiscent of tangela tricoli bizarre outsider quality
2) low fi electro feel, simple
3) crazy ass noise, video game quality, brief
4) great spastic instrumental noise, guitar, worthy of Mark Ribot comparison
5) reminds me of Chris Knox stuff, very low fi simple pop, brief
6) simple pop song, low fi, Raspberries, yes great stuff, noisey
7) noise jam, brief
8) brief low fi folk
9) strange waltzy nightmarish trippiness
10) ten second sound
11) noise jam, clanky percussion in front
12) dark, droney, minimal
13) horn ensemble, avante jazz, Zappa-like with searing guitar
14) silly bird sound preceeds this chill minimal melody
15) narrative accompanies two brief spastic noise pieces, explaining the "why" of his work and like most "artist statements" i find useless, pretentious, and boring

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Jad Fair and R. Stevie Moore Under the Light
2. Jad Fair and R. Stevie Moore Petland Toy Faktory
3. Jad Fair and R. Stevie Moore Charlie Parker
4. Bad Poet Shadow
5. Morgan Guberman China Girl Day Dream
6. C.D. and Audiodelica Looking for 4 Chicas
7. David Daniell Clepsydra
8. Eyball Hurt and the Medicine Cake Organ
9. Cherly Leonard Focalization
10. Zandosis Zandosis
11. How to Kick Yourself Apathy at Mass Velocity
12. 2 Geniuses Takin' a Shit at Work
13. Danger Woman 1,2,3-4-5
14. L. Contra Wen Can We Dance
15. Dog Arificial Stupidity
16. Davey Williams and Eugene Chad /
17. Autobody /
18. Untanned Hide of a Young Cow Bliss no Start
19. Buford Highway Wanderlust
20. Yximalloo We Love You
21. More La Luba Mia
22. Tom Heasley & Ken Rosser /
23. Gold Sparkle Band Dental Dam
24. Die Spatzen Morning
25. Craig Confessions Over Lunch (Foun