Napalm Death / Code Is Red...Long Live Th, th
Album: Code Is Red...Long Live Th, th   Collection:General
Artist:Napalm Death   Added:May 2005
Label:Century Media  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-05-31
Napalm continue to make killer grind & brutal metal. Lots of fast riffing & the usual battering of drums & pissed off vocals. Overall. this is a really diverse release: some weird riffs & breakdowns, and the last two are totally SWANS inspired.

(((((1))))) Intense, crushing, ultra-fast hardcore mixed with grind.
((((2)))) 52 seconds of blast beating, totally aggressive grind!
(((((3))))) Fast but big on the mid-pace & crushing breakdown. Nice chorus that shouts: “Cowboy Killer!”
((((4)))) Mid-paced mixed with odd riffing & Celtic Frost-ish “Oüh!”
(((5))) Heavy on the groove, kinda like something they did in the mid-90’s but progressess into thrash here & there.
(((6))) Classic N.D. sound, multi-tracked vox, but so-so chorus
(((((7))))) Fuckin’ batters! Jello B. on guest vox - totallly awesome mid-tempo grind crossed with hardcore!
((((8)))) Relentess grind & basic NYHC style breakdowns Barney duets with Jamey from Hatebreed.
((((9))))) OK mid-paced thudding, picks up pace with hardcore/grindcore blasting din.
((((10))))) Sounds a bit like their old tune “World Keeps Turning” but fixated more on the groove. Serious headbangin’ movements here.
(((((11))))) Say it like Tom G. Warrior: Oühaah! Total tornado of grind & speed.
((((((12)))))) Almost Black Metal crossed with Grind riffing Barney dueting with Jeff Walker of Carcass, killer d-beat style drums, (FCC “fucking” twice that’s audible)
(((((13))))) Another total headsmasher, OTT thrashing grindcore.
(((((14)))) Killer SWANS inspired, slow & doomy, Sorta like “Internal Animosity” they did back in ‘89
((((15))))) SWANS crossed with Glenn Branca....on a Napalm Death album?!?

Track Listing
1. Silence Is Deafening   8. Sold Short
2. Right You Are   9. All Hail the Grey Dawn
3. Diplomatic Immunity   10. Vegative State
4. The Code Is Red...Long Live   11. Pay for the Privilege of Bre
5. Climate Controllers   12. Pledge Yourself to You
6. Instruments of Persuasion   13. Striding Purposefully Backwa
7. The Great and the Good   14. Morale
  15. Our Pain Is Thier Power