Huggabroomstik / Enter the Broomstik
Album: Enter the Broomstik   Collection:General
Artist:Huggabroomstik   Added:May 2005
Label:Luv-A-Lot Records  

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1. Aug 27, 2005: I was a teenage zombie
Contractual Laundry
2. Aug 05, 2005: Distraction-Limited
Extinction Event

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Reviewed 2005-08-09
Sounds like a children’s CD. You know, those ones were you sing along around the campfire and everyone ends up knowing. The whole album is filled with weird, silly songs. It starts off cute and then verges on annoying. Some of the songs go on a little long. You have to wonder whether these guys are good musicians pretending to be Spinal Tap, bad musicians pretending to be Spinal Tap, or just a modern day emo version of Spinal Tap. There’s a lot of Bright Eyes and other indie pop bands that made it big. The first part of 14 is refreshing. Recommended: 2,3,9

Track 1: lo-fi. Simple guitar. Fun. The CD says there’s profanity but there’s not.
*Track 2: Slower male and fem vox. Softer . I like. Nice guitar.
*Track 3: mid-tempo. Male vox, droning. Still nice background music. Very Bright Eyes. Nice lyrics.
Track 4: More electric. Weird slide-recorder. Weird mix of tempos. Droning vox. Screams, Weird breakdowns. Just weird…
Track 5: FCC.
Track 6: More minor. Cute chorus, verses are more droning. Love song. There’s a violin!
Track 7: Can barely hear fem vox at first. 1 guitar. Slow. Distortion. Sweet. Long…
Track 8: Rock. Heavy bass. Distortion. Funny lyrics. Yelling.
*Track 9: Nice Upbeat. A little bit of the Beatles. A very little bit.
Track 10: Slow. Justice vs. Injustice lyrics. Progressive liberal song.
Track 11: Lots of distortion. Sing in falsetto. Weird. A little depressing
Track 12: Nice drums at the beginning. Kind of monotone voices. Kind of a depressed group sing-a-long.
Track 13: Almost spoken word over weird chorus of voices. Lots of distortion. Very Spinal Tap.
Track 14: Hidden Track (or what they refer to as Hidden Album). Starts about 2 minutes in. (with 36:38 remaining). Basically one song after another. The first part is very refreshing and different from the rest of the album then the rest of the track goes into their more basic stuff as outlined in tracks 1-13. Again, starts off cute and inventive and then goes on just a little too long.

Track Listing
1. Contractual Laundry   7. Nothing Bad
2. Extinction Event   8. Put the Cookie Down
3. The Major's Forest of Femurs   9. Nice Dreams
4. Sooper Dooper   10. Chicago Seesaw Massacre
5. Little Brown Ball   11. Birds and Bees
6. Luvsik Bandit   12. The Night that the Sun Ran O
  13. Vikings of the Darkness