Riistetyt / 2000-2005
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Artist:Riistetyt Added:Jun 2005
Label:Havoc Records 

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1.Sep 08, 2005:Baptism of Solitude
...Ja Havitys Jatkuu
4.Aug 20, 2005:Bloodstains Across Atherton
Alkaa Luottako Pt. 2 (Don'tr
2.Sep 01, 2005:Baptism of Solitude
Totalitaarinen Valtio
5.Aug 20, 2005:Bloodstains Across Atherton
Alkaa Luottako Pt. 2 (Don'tr
3.Aug 25, 2005:Baptism of Solitude
Inferno (Sivilisaation Kriis
6.Aug 13, 2005:On The Warpath
Kuka Valehtelee? (Who's Lyin

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-08-24 
31 songs from the last 5 years (duh!) of this long-running Finnish hardcore rippers. These dudes are in their late 30’s/early 40’s and STILL tear it up. All sung in Finnish except for the killer Turbonegro cover. Most songs are pretty catchy & memorable (though occasionally ‘samey’).
(((1)))) Rippin’ hardcore
(((((2))))) Really fast d-beat laden
((((3)))) Slow, heavy & metalic like Zeni Geva or mid-period Neurosis
((((4)))) Charging, big fuzzed out bass
((((5)))) Rhytmic and straight-ahead mix
(((((6)))) Massively catchy & crust attack.
((((7)))) Snarling, wallopping, “whuuhhhrrah!”
((((8))))) Big ‘ol beat, huge shouted vocals.
(((((9))))) Awesome bass lines, headthuddin’ action. Punkish riffage with total h.c. vocals.
(((((10))))) Apocalyptic, speedy, dual vocals. Great chorus.
((((11)))) Raw, roaring & in your face.
((((12)))) Kinda similar to early Discharge with simple beat & “haiku” lyric format.
((((13)))) Fast, charging, spiteful.
(((((14)))) Turbonegro cover, super catchy riff, “ohhh erection!” chorus (FCC “fucking” or maybe the whole song since it’s called “I Got Erection”?)
(((((15))))) Nasty, ugly harsh h.c. - and this is from just 2 years ago!
((((16)))) Chunky riffing, lots o’ bass sorta gallopping not in a thrash metal way, though.
(((((17))))) Fast as fuck, blazing, crusty h.c.
(((18))) A little too focused on the vocals & not much else. Great drumming tho’.
(((19))) Pissed off vocals, straight ahead riffs.
((((20)))) Battering raw, shouted hardcore.
(((21))) Full scale 5-note riff attack
((((22)))) Big & bass, super catchy lyrics (even if you don’t know Finnish).
(((((23))))) Slow, anthemic Amebix-like crusher
((((24)))) Noisy, raw live track.
((((25)))) Straight up & pissed off raw punk/hardcore.
(((26))) Blazing fast, d-beat raw blugeoning
((((27))))Midpaced, big ‘ol thick riffs, nice!
((((28)))) Downtowned, then fast barrage of h.c. & wailing guitars
((((29)))) Like Venom fighting it out with Discharge at the warehouse show.
(((30))) Ugly & pummelling, great riffing.
((((31)))) More Amebix, sounding mid-paced/slow stuff. Fuckin’ awesome, catchy stuff!

Track Listing
1.Illuusio (Illusion) 16.Ajatus (A Thought)
2.Stigmat (Stigmatas) 17.Ihmiskunnan Risti (The Cross
3.Kuka Valehtelee? (Who's Lyin 18.Ei Hoitokeinoa (No Cure)
4.Verenpunainen Luokkasota 19.Sun Elama, Mun Kuolema
5.Gs 20.Orjat Ja/Kurja (Slaves and P
6.Totalitaarinen Valtio 21.Verisateessa (The Bloody Rai
7.Ristinnaulittu Evoluutio 22.Tuomittu Elamaan (Varaus)
8.(S.O.S.) Tasavallan Demokrat 23.Propaganda
9.Huomisen Tuntematon Sotilas 24.Kuollut Todistaja (Dead Witn
10.Inferno (Sivilisaation Kriis 25.Ei Totuus Pala Tulessa
11.Kuoleman Laakso (Death Valle 26.Tuomion Tragedia (The Traged
12.Alkaa Luottako Pt. 2 (Don'tr 27.Tuhoaminen Tuottaa
13.Noidankeha (Vicious Circle) 28.Kuoleman Tanssi
14.I Got Erection (Turbonegro) 29....Ja Havitys Jatkuu
15.Kylman Sodan Johtajat 30.Sairaus 2
 31.Yon Painajainen 2004